Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company ADWATCH/ISOBAR Moscow, RUSSIA
Advertising Agency ADWATCH/ISOBAR Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Roman Pavlenko Adwatch Isobar Executive Creative Director
Andrey Tyukavkin Adwatch Isobar Creative Director 1
Ivan Prokhorov Adwatch Isobar Art Director 1
Andrey Tyukavkin Adwatch Isobar Copywriter 1
Vladimir Borovikov Adwatch Isobar Designer 1
Alexey Firsov Adwatch Isobar Designer 2
Anna Yarosh Adwatch Isobar Director/Manager Agency) 1
Marina Tron Adwatch Isobar Account Director/Manager Agency) 2
Brett Rudy Earth Watch Client Account Director/Manager
Alexey Kalinin Adwatch Isobar Strategic Planner/Strategist

The Campaign

Earthwatch is an international non-profit organization that sends everyday people to scientific expeditions around the world to study the impact that human activity can have on the planet. Our brief was to stress this impact and introduce Earthwatch expeditions, which we did by combining BTL & digital. We created a special series of soccer balls resembling Earth - blue base layer + green (continents) & white (ice) layers – and spread them across playgrounds in Moscow parks. The green and white layers of paint were intentionally made loose. As people kicked their planet, the paint fell to pieces: ice caps melted, continents went underwater. A message was revealed: “Your actions can change how the Earth looks. Take a photo of this one with #planeta2014 tag to get to a virtual expedition”. The players were then redirected to campaign website, “Let’s go Earthwatching”, to repair the damage they inflicted.

Success of the Campaign

The response exceeded our expectations. With around 3000 people who visited our spots and interacted with the balls, more than 60% expressed their interest in learning more about Earthwatch expeditions and supported the project by taking a photo. But when local Moscow TV (“TV Center” channel) and leading digital portals picked up the news, our total amount of free online impressions is estimated to reach a stunning 10 000 000!

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

We ran a series of activations on playgrounds across Moscow parks using balls painted to resemble Earth. While playing with the balls, visitors “destroyed” intentionally loose green and white (continents & ice) layers of paint, turning Earth into an apocalyptic waterworld. The message that appeared from under washed away land encouraged players to take a selfie with the ball and #planeta2014 hashtag. These photos were automatically sent out to a virtual expedition on the map on our campaign website. There, each user photo “repaired” a hole in one of destroyed continents, thus showing how participating in Earthwatch expeditions can reverse impact that humanity has on the planet. All players got a notification in their Instagram, encouraging them to check out the expedition their photo had “chosen” for them.