Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company PUBLICIS Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Advertising Agency PUBLICIS Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Name Company Position
Marcel Hartog Publicis Associate Creative Director
Jeroen Van Zwam Publicis Associate Creative Director
Steef Nijhof Publicis Art Director
Olaf Van Gerwen Director
Lukas Göbel Unit Photographer
Dave Fransen Publicis Designer
Robin Schlösser Studio De Keuken Sound Engineer
Francisco Rodriguez Bouzas Post Office Editor
Mats Wilke Publicis Junior Creative
Ruben Van Dijk Publicis Junior Creative
Bianca Van Den Boogaard Publicis Stategy Director
Remco Roohée Starcom Mediavest Group Media Manager
George Goudsblom Starcom Mediavest Group Media Manager
Lex Noteboom Publicis Strategy
Marcella Beekman Publicis Account Manager
Lucas Simons Publicis Interactive Designer
Edwin Leijen Publicis Interactive Developer
Kelly Wentink Publicis Interactive Developer
Dave Timmermans Publicis Interactive Developer
Barry Clarke Captcha Post Production

The Campaign

1) Describe the campaign ALS is a deadly disease, making your muscles stop one by one. Three years ago the ALS Foundation Netherlands started a special project. Patients made campaign statements, which were aired after they had already died. As a result, awareness of ALS has risen to 89%. Donations doubled. But as the cause of this merciless disease remains unknown, more money for scientific research is needed. Time to take this thought provoking campaign one step further. A new group of patients recorded campaign statements, which were aired after they have passed away. And now their confrontational message is even more direct. Like angels on a sales mission, the deceased participants make a personal appeal to continue their fight. Promoting specific fundraising activities. Knowing details about future events, locations and dates. As if they are still here to keep an eye on us.

Success of the Campaign

Donations went up immediately by nearly 400% during the first month of the campaign (online donations via the donation tool on and direct donations for specific fundraising events). The result is a net result, because there is no marketing budget whatsoever and all parties involved work on a pro bono basis. And until a solution against ALS is found, more money can be expected, when more participating patients will pass away and make a personal fundraising appeal from the afterlife..

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

After the first participant lost his fight against ALS, the new campaign is launched on the national news. More tv-shows, blogs, magazines and all major newspapers publish reports, featuring participating patients, friends and family as ambassadors. There is no advertising budget whatsoever, but dutch media operators make a joint effort. The campaign runs on tv and radio, outdoor, in cinemas, football stadiums, print, direct mail, and online, through bannering and even through deceased patients own Twitter accounts. All campaign items refer to a direct online donation tool on the Foundation’s website.