Winners & Shortlists


Advertising Agency WE ARE SOCIAL London, UNITED KINGDOM
Name Company Position
James Nester We Are Social Creative Director
Graham Jenks We Are Social Creative Director
Deola Laniyan We Are Social Senior Account Director
Amy Hambridge We Are Social Account Director
Marissa Davies We Are Social Editor
Katriona Gordan We Are Social Copywriter
Monica Presti We Are Social Designer

The Campaign

January is the year’s most depressing month. It’s cold, Christmas is over and the days are short. So evian would cheer up commuters, making the month happier and more playful, by spreading their Live young spirit. Not a normal, repetitive ad campaign but one that changed every single day, responding to traditions of each date, the news, meme culture or just a new, funny idea. Given that commuters tend to be switched on to social media on their mobiles during their journeys, it made sense that the campaign was socially led.

Success of the Campaign

evian’s sales figures shot up 19% compared to last January. We reached 14 million people on social, driving over 18,000 interactions. The outdoor and print ads reached over 40% of our demographic in London (18 to 44 year old women) with an average 7 opportunities to view. Evian UK received 5,500 new likes on Facebook. On Twitter, fans really got involved with the campaign, showing how they were ‘living young’ with almost 700 responses. Total interactions for the 2014 campaign were up by over 70%, meaning more people than ever before were getting involved with evian’s challenges to Live young to beat the winter blues. So a very happy start to the year.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

Every day throughout January, evian suggested a different way people could ‘Live young’. The missions responded to news stories we knew people would be talking about, such as Kate Middleton’s birthday and the National TV Awards. They also tapped into current playful memes, such as taking selfies of pouting. We ran competitions on social media to encourage consumers to complete the missions. And we took to the street too with a series of hidden camera pranks to cheer people up, including an epic en-masse spacehopper commute. We wanted smiles en masse, so activity was supported every day with ads in commuter press, outdoor advertising and PR, as well as appearing on Transvision screens in 10 London train stations and digital escalator panels in six London Underground stations.