Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServicePRINCE POLO
Entrant Company NEXT Warsaw, POLAND
Advertising Agency NEXT Warsaw, POLAND
Media Agency CARAT Warsaw, POLAND
Production Company FILM PRODUKCJA Warsaw, POLAND
Name Company Position
Natalia Pryzowicz NEXT Agency Creative Director
Maria Jodłowska NEXT Agency Creative Director
Hadi Film Produkcja Director
Jarosław Luzar NEXT Agency Account Manager
Monika Urbańska Film Produkcja Producer
Katarzyna Rup Film Produkcja Producer
Jacek Lachowicz Film Produkcja Music
Maciej Bochniak Film Produkcja Director
Marcin Rzepka NEXT Agency Designer
Piotr Długołęcki NEXT Agency Copywriter
Marcin Nieśmiałek NEXT Agency Digital Producer
Marcin Olech NEXT Agency Digital Producer
Michał Margis NEXT Agency Digital Producer
Łukasz Owadowski NEXT Agency Digital Producer
Piotr Opłotny NEXT Agency Media Manager
Marcin Woźniak NEXT Agency Digital Strategist

The Campaign

An international, multichannel, integrated campaign that refreshed an old-fashioned and boring image of the most popular Polish chocolate bar. The campaign was based on a true, but completely overlooked fact of Prince Polo’s phenomenal popularity on Iceland. The brand has played such an important role in Icelanders’ lives that their president once said: ‘whole generations of Icelanders grew up with Coca –Cola and Polish Prince Polo.’ The most influential media including television, newspapers, and online bloggers, generated a great buzz around the campaign. We created a hero - a true Icelander Gunnar- who became recognisable in Poland as well as Iceland. Gunnar introduced to Poles their national, but reinvented virtues. Poles have to have ‘that it’, since they created Icelanders’ favourite snack. Thanks to the campaign Poles discovered the success story of Prince Polo, and felt proud about our national chocolate bar being a favourite product abroad

Success of the Campaign

The campaign turned out to be a great success in terms of consumers’ involvement, sales growth, and critical acclaim. Never before had Poles been so actively engaged in Prince Polo’s marketing actions. The campaign’s Facebook fanpage got hundreds of thousands of likes. To our great surprise, Icelanders also started commenting on our fanpage, even though the content was only in Polish. The videos with Gunnar became an instant online sensation. Overall, Poles spent one and a half year watching the videos. Great consumers’ involvement was also reflected in a significant growth in Prince Polo sales. The brand’s shares in the chocolate bar market rose by 22 %. Furthermore, the campaign was also critically acclaimed by the advertising environment. It received several important nominations in different festivals worldwide. However, most importantly the Prince Polo campaign won the most prestigious Polish advertising award KTR in film category

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

We used an authentic story about Prince Polo’s popularity on Iceland which was unknown in Poland. Thus, we started from PR actions and invited the most influential Polish journalists to Reykjavik to show them Prince Polo’s phenomenal popularity on Iceland. Thanks to them the word was effectively spread across Poland. Gunnar, a true Icelander became our campaign’s face. He starred in a TV spot about Icelanders love for Polish Prince Polo. Then, he came to Poland to help Poles discover their national ‘that it.’ Each week, Gunnar would make a video about one out of six Polish national qualities. People could vote for their favourite ‘that it’ on the website and during a radio audition. Finally, in a TV spot Gunnar announced Polish ‘that it’ chosen in mass voting. All promo materials and news were gathered on the Prince Polo Facebook fanpage. Youtube channel