Winners & Shortlists


Short List
Advertising Agency ROBERT/BOISEN & LIKE-MINDED Copenhagen, DENMARK
Production Company GOBSMACK PRODUCTIONS Copenhagen, DENMARK
Name Company Position
Søren Christensen Robert/Boisen/Like/Minded Strategist
Heinrich Vejlgaard Robert/Boisen/Like/Minded Art Director
James Godfrey Robert/Boisen/Like/Minded Copy Writer
Michael Robert Robert/Boisen/Like/Minded Creative Director
Mette Ingemann Robert/Boisen/Like/Minded Account Manager
Michael Bugaj Robert/Boisen/Like/Minded Director Of Creative Technology
Morten Grundsøe Robert/Boisen/Like/Minded Designer
Niels Nørløv Gobsmack Productions Director
Niels Thastum Gobsmack Productions Dop
Theis Schmidt Gobsmack Productions Editor
Cille Silverwood/Cope Gobsmack Productions Line Producer
Christina Erritzøe Gobsmack Productions Producer
Magnus Sveinn Jonsonn Gobsmack Productions Vfx
Jason Luke P47 Sound Sound
Upright Music Music
Nao Studios Additional company
Radius Kommunikation Additional company
Be On Additional company

The Campaign

Spies Travel wanted to inform the Danish people that they offer city holidays, and sell more holidays to these destinations. So we piggybacked a topical issue of the country’s 27-year-low birthrate, and used the insight that Danes have 46% more sex on city holidays to come with a solution to the population issue. Our logic was that city holidays lead to more romance, romance leads to more sex and more sex leads to more children. Therefore Spies Travel could play an active role in solving Denmark’s problem. Spies Travels hoped to increase their sales to city destinations by 5% through the promotion. The target group are mainly 30+ couples. They go on city holidays with the intention of revitalising their relationship, and have some romance without the interference of everyday life. The campaign offered extra incentive for these people to take a holiday with us.

Success of the Campaign

The campaign generated more than 60 media stories in Denmark alone, incl. a 3 hour theme on a morning-show on national TV. There were 13.1 mill. exposures, a 3,1 mill. estimated ad-value as well as 1490% ROI on the PR. Internationally, it created +300 media clips (e.g. Washington Post, Guardian, Mashable, Huffington Post, BBC) with an estimated global reach of +100 mill. Massive online spread of +6.8 mill. views and was ‘Globally most shared ad’ on Mashable’s Viral Video Chart’, and it generated more than 450.000 social actions. Best of all, sales show a 95% rise compared to last year.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

The overall execution was divided into three phases. 1) Priming: Here the focus was on planning, developing the message platform, preparation of press materials, completion of national survey with +1,000 respondents and the development of media collateral. 2) Launch: This phase focused on the tactical and operational PR towards all relevant media types including pitching of stories and media monitoring in order to create as much coverage and buzz as possible. This was combined with seeding of the online film, a microsite with a lot of branded content such as romantic city-guides, various promotions and a roll out on Facebook 3) Tactical follow up: The launch was followed up by concrete promotional activities such as the ‘Make a baby and win’-competition and tactical ovulation discount offers, where you could obtain relevant offers based on your ovulation period.