Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company GARBERGS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Advertising Agency GARBERGS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Media Agency IUM Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production Company WE ARE YOURS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Petter Ödeen Garbergs Creative Director
Hampus Mattsson Garbergs Copywriter
Sedir Ajeenah Garbergs Copywriter
Mattias Dahlqvist Garbergs Art Director
Roger Blomqvist/Ranft Garbergs Original
Pernilla Berg Garbergs Account Supervisor
Birgitta Bergström Garbergs Production Manager
Natalie Kocsis Garbergs Agency Assistant
William Löthman Garbergs Agency Assistant
Klaus Beiersdorf Garbergs Digital Producer
Magnus Cramer Agent Molly/Co Photographer
Robin Portnoff Despiracy Retush
Stopp Stopp Post Production
Bt/Repro Bt/Repro Repro

The Campaign

Stockholm's Stadsmission is a Swedish charity supporting the homeless. Before Christmas they wanted to get donations from the people of Stockholm. The organization is well known, but few know what work they actually do and what difference the donations make, every day for the homeless. Every evening Stockholms Stadsmission's night watch service, Nattjouren, is out on the streets of Stockholm. Before Christmas people could follow Nattjouren's work in real time and make a donation. On the campaign site people could read instant tweets about Nattjouren's actions and follow their way through Stockholm on a map. The tweets with their emotional stories were also presented in real time and with daily reports across various media.

Success of the Campaign

The campaign generated € 1 448 000 in donation. Stockholms Stadsmission achieved great attention in social media and made it to several Evening News on Swedish national TV. With daily updates and true and emotional stories, the people got a real time insight in the life on the streets, and the supporting actions of Stockholms Stadsmission. The organization was able to show how they make real difference every day for the homeless of Stockholm.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

On people could read instant tweets about Nattjouren's actions, follow their route on a Stockholm map and make a donation. The tweets were also shown in real time on digital billboards in the subway stations and in banners. Every morning a new episode of 'Nattjouren's Report ' was filmed, based on tweets from the past night. It was aired later that same day. Nattjouren’s tweets were presented on printed billboards A selection of tweets from past nights were presented in print ads. Posters were put up on the locations were Nattjouren had been.