Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceGRANT FUNDING
Entrant Company ACTIVEARK JWT Helsinki, FINLAND
Advertising Agency ACTIVEARK JWT Helsinki, FINLAND
Media Agency DAGMAR Helsinki, FINLAND
Name Company Position
Liisa Paasio Lead Creative
Minna Hiltunen Lead Designer
Lea Von Fieandt Client Director
Christina Nelskylä Account Director
Jarno Varis Creative Director
Aki Ovaska Digital Planner
Andre´ Bardy Planner
Kimmo Ollila Senior Designer
Pekka Siiriäinen Lead Developer
Cathy Lagus Designer
Roope Lehtoranta Designer

The Campaign

Behind every negative news headline, there are hundreds of good deeds carried out by NGO’s supported by RAY to combat the problem. To highlight these good deeds, we established an alternative media dedicated to good news: "Inhimillisiä Uutisia,” Humane News. During the two-week campaign, we broadcasted news articles, video reports, columns and live broadcasts from a pop-up newsroom in the heart of Helsinki involving top journalists and key public figures.

Success of the Campaign

We more than doubled our goals in only two weeks with a listing to top 40 list of most read Finnish online media, 203 586 unique readers over 7000 new followers. Our positive approach created an unforeseen engagement rate 477% - the audience really worked together with us to spread the word. And above all, RAY n and the organizations now have a permanent way to spread their message about the good deeds that make Finland a welfare society – in the present and the future.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

The Inhimillisiä Uutisia alternative media was launched with an advertising campaign on TV, print, outdoors, web mobile, Facebook and RAY's slot machines. The ads presented the idea about turning the newsfeed around by crossing out bad news and filling the blanks with good news about the good deeds. The main focus however was on the content from pop up newsroom – news, video reports, columns and live broadcasts. News got more views day by day and they started to spread on social media. The two week pop up newsroom was situated in the heart of Helsinki and organisations presented their work outside the news room daily according to the theme of the day: children, disabled, seniors, work, finance, homeless, roma people, immigrants etc..