Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company ACHTUNG! Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Advertising Agency ACHTUNG! Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Production Company WEFILM Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Name Company Position
Mervyn Ten Dam ACHTUNG! Creative Director
Niels Straatsma ACHTUNG! Creative
Vincent Rang ACHTUNG! Creative
Jort Schutte ACHTUNG! Art Director
Marten Beerda ACHTUNG! Designer
Joke Van Griensven ACHTUNG! Project Manager
Jona Honer Wefilm Director
Stephan Polman Wefilm Dop Lighting Cameraman
Claas Meier Wefilm Sound
Sara Nix Wefilm Producer
Jelmar Hoekstra Jelmar Hoekstra Editor
Taco Drijfhout Taco Drijfhout Sounddesign
Barry Clarke Captcha Grading
Camiel Overgaauw Het PR Bureau Pr Manager
Omar Kbiri Biko Influencer Management
Simon De Koning AMP Amsterdam Sound Licensing
Colin Benders Kyteman) Kyteman's Orchestra Composer/Lead
Erik Benders Kyteman's Orchestra Artist Manager
Sjoerd Terpstra Kyteman's Orchestra Sound Manager

The Campaign

Meet Vera, a 19 years old girl with high hopes and grand ambitions, and the hero of our story. Deaf since birth, but recently being able to hear, thanks to an innovative Cochlaer Implant (CI) that sends sound waves directly into her brain. Her dream was to experience live music with a group of likeminded friends, an ambition that we all can relate to. So we embarked on a unique journey to give her an unforgettable #First concert. With #First concert we boosted awareness for Vodafone’s new global sponsorship platform #Firsts among the Dutch audience. With #Firsts, Vodafone wants to empower people to experience things for the first time and document their stories. These stories are proof of Vodafone’s brand promise: Power to you.

Success of the Campaign

Based mainly on PR and social media, the campaign reached a total media value of €1,7 million, with 2 national TV items, 7 radio items and over 250 (inter)national publications. On social media, the campaign reached 7,2 million people, with a 99% positive engagement rate. Hasthag #First concert was trending topic on Twitter and Instagram on the concert night, with over 300.000 views and 5.000 interactions. The documentary was viewed 900.000 times. All this contributed to 110 million impressions in total. Awareness of Vodafone #Firsts almost tripled (+185%). And the campaign helped drive consideration for Vodafone in general. Before the campaign, the online sentiment around Vodafone was only 12% positive. This skyrocketed to 86% during the campaign. Vodafone’s perception as a trusted brand went up 50% and the brand’s differentiating power doubled. All this leading a growth in consideration of 25%.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

First we asked the Dutch audience to think about the perfect song to play for Vera, through Vodafone’s Facebook page and Twitter. Even some well-known Dutch artists casme up with suggestions. Next, award winning composer Kyteman reworked the chosen song (#1 hit ‘Stay With Me’ by Sam Smith) into a version especially tailored for Vera’s CI, with certain frequencies being amplified or blocked. We seeded teaser footage of Kyteman, rehearsing with Vera and his 25-piece orchestra. The song became the highlight of a memorable evening for Vera in Amsterdam’s legendary music venue Paradiso. A captive audience of friends and family of Vera, other CI users and selected Vodafone clients witnessed the concert live. The whole journey was captured into an 8 minute branded documentary. It was released online on and spread through content integration. The special version of Stay with Me was separately released.