Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company HEIMAT Berlin, GERMANY
Advertising Agency HEIMAT Berlin, GERMANY
Production Company CZAR Berlin, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Guido Heffels Heimat/Berlin Chief Creative Officer
Matthias Von Bechtolsheim Heimat/Berlin Ceo
Maik Richter Heimat/Berlin Account Supervisor
Ramin Schmiedekampf Heimat/Berlin Creative Director
Frank Hose Heimat/Berlin Creative Director
Kerstin Heffels Heimat/Berlin Agency Producer
Christina Walke Heimat/Berlin Account Manager
Christina Walke/Fabian Stein Heimat/Berlin Account Manager
Lionel Goldstein CZAR Director
Jan Finke CZAR Executive Producer
Boerge Heesemann CZAR Producer
Lieven Van Baelen CZAR Director Of Photography
Emmanuel Van Hove CZAR Editor
David Arnold CZAR Sound Design

The Campaign

The campaign motto „Act against ugliness“ is based on the idea of motivating DIY’er not only to improve their own houses but to get whole Germany to work and go about public spaces outside of their own four wall. . Using a microsite as well as all our fans, it only took us a few days to spread the idea throughout the country. Via the microsite, people could send HORNBACH trash bags to friends and include a personal message to push them to act against the ugly. Soon enough, 1.2 million trash bags found their way to households all over Germany. A documentary-style TVC became a manifest for how the dedication of a few was able to change the feeling of a whole city. We declared May 18th as „Day against ugliness“ and all over Germany individuals, friends and initatives came together to follow HORNBACH’s call and „Act against ugliness“.

Success of the Campaign

The campaign performed highly successful in both TV and onlin and returned brutto spendings multiple times. The total TV ROI equals 2,26€. The campaign improved the perceived perfomance. Participants, who were exposed to OOH posters, HORNBACH print media or the trash bag rated the image significantly better than the control group. 80% of all participants are satisfied with the large product choice at HORNBACH. Ad recall: 37% remembered the TVC (unaided) 52% remembered OOH measures 48% remembered the trash bag installation 10% more Fans on Facebook 1.075.272 people have seen content associated with the hornbach Facebook Page.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

The campaign started on March 10th 2014 with a viral video on HORNBACH’s Facebook page. Postings on Facebook as well as online banner linked to the „Act against ugliness“ microsite where users could send out the trash bags. To raise attention,a 10m high trash bag was installed close to Berlin Alexanderplatz and quickly found its way into the social web. Also celebrities such as comedian Joko reacted on the installation and started their own projects. CLP and MLB supported the campaign and established HORNBACH as partner in the fight against ugliness. A TV spot showed, how pitching in against ugliness can transform a whole city. In HORNBACH markets, the trash bags were given away for free and people could get professional support in their personal battles against ugliness. Numerous initiatives asked HORNBACH for help. All came together on May 18th–the day against ugly–and worked together with HORNBACH.