Winners & Shortlists


Media Agency MINDSHARE Chalandri, GREECE
Production Company STEFI & LYNX PRODUCTIONS Athens, GREECE
Name Company Position
Grigoriadis Andreas The Newtons Laboratory Head Creative Director
Godenopoulos Paris The Newtons Laboratory Art Director
Karagianni Dimitra The Newtons Laboratory Art Director
Liapi Atalanti The Newtons Laboratory Copywriter
Papadopoulos Vassilis The Newtons Laboratory Art Director
Vafea Sandra The Newtons Laboratory Copywriter
Theodorakopoulos Giorgos Copywriter
Rebelos Athanasios The Newtons Laboratory
Rammos Apostolos The Newtons Laboratory
Katsiferis Dimitris The Newtons Laboratory Digital Art Director
Sofianos Stelios The Newtons Laboratory
Manos Sergios The Newtons Laboratory Account Supervisor
Pantzios Giannis The Newtons Laboratory Account Executive
Giorgos Zafiris Director
Vassilis Rafael Producer
Kiriakou Dimitris Photographer
Panos Daoultzis Editor
Sorotos Giannis The Newtons Laboratory Creative Director

The Campaign

For the world cup 2014, for our client Piraeus Bank which is the Golden Sponsor of the Greek National Team , we created a campaign with the slogan ‘’Greece By your side’’. To serve this campaign we created a fictional football player called Manos Sergios, which was called by the National teams’ manager, Fernando Santos, to join the team as the 24th player of a National team ever, live at the preselection press conference. The news of his announcement caused surprise and raised questions of who was this mystery player and started to spread across all media! In just a few hours everyone in Greece was talking about Manos Sergios. Every thought he was a real player. All of this though lasted 33 hours as the next night after his announcement by Fernando Santos, the tv ad of the campaign was released, in which the true identity of Manos Sergios was revealed.

Success of the Campaign

In just 33 hours until the true identity of Manos Sergios was revealed the were • 225 articles at sites and blogs • 2450 shares and thousands of comments about him • 110.000 views of Fernando Santos’ interview • 39.000 views of Giovanni Silva de Oliveiras’ video • Dozens of mentions on TV and radio news After the reveal • Approximately 1.000.000 views of the tv ad on Youtube. The earned media from the whole campaign was over €400.000

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

Before the launch of the main tv ad which revealed Manos Sergios’ identity, in order to make people think he was real we created his very own Wikipedia page, in which it said he was an amateur football player, and social media accounts, in which he would upload pictures of him with the National teams’ football players, answer fan questions and even arrange interviews with Greek and foreign journalists. At the same time two were uploaded on Youtube. One in which our manager explained why he invited this player and another in which Brazilian National player, Giovanni Silva De Oliveira, revealed he knew him. Both these videos got thousands of hits and made Manos Sergios an even bigger mystery. After the launch of the tv ad, Manos Sergios gave interviews, commented on games live on Twitter while bench and eventually released his own line of products. Even Nike agreed for him to promote the ‘’Magista’’.