Winners & Shortlists


Product/ServiceS7 AIRLINES
Entrant Company GOOD Moscow, RUSSIA
Advertising Agency GOOD Moscow, RUSSIA
Media Agency CARAT Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Grisha Sorokin GOOD Creative Director
Gleb Glonti GOOD Copywriter
Grisha Sorokin GOOD Copywriter
Grisha Sorokin GOOD Art Director
Fiodor Sumkin GOOD Illustrator
Katya Bazilevskaya GOOD Strategy Director
Alevtina Kirsanova GOOD Assistant
Evgenija Judzhenich GOOD Assistant

The Campaign

On march 15th, the time when tension in Ukraine are coming to its peak, when anti-Russian protests growth and regular citizens of both countries are baffled by contradictive reports, S7 Airlines, remarkable for it's green planes, launched this peace campaign in Russia and Ukraine at the same time. More than 20 billboards and video-screens, smart-located and huge, were involved in the campaign in Kiev and Moscow. Airline, staying out of politics connects people of two countries. Target audience in both countries has friends and relatives abroad, the campaign was a tribute to people of two countries.

Success of the Campaign

More then 50 000 000 validated contacts with campaign in Russia and Ukraine in digital and outdoor. Hundreds of thousands of positive posts, re-tweets and likes in social media engaging people and leading news media in both countries. 71,2% of posts and publications are extremely positive, 25.8 are neutral, 3% are negative. More then 40% daily traffic growth affected solely by the campaign. Web-site transactions for promoted destination for both countries grew over 60% during the campaign period. Destination flight load level grew more then 40%. 8% growth of total S7 sales (all destinations) during the campaign period.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

On the 14th of March print appeared in biggest Russian newspaper. The page raised huge buzz in Russian blogs and social network. Never before newspaper page in Russia was instagrammed that much. During the next night poster appeared on biggest Kiev and Moscow OOH facilities. Including 500SQM banner in central Kiev and 4000SQM video building in Moscow. The newspaper page was used as posters in S7 offices and other locations. Airline staff got special badges. Geo-Targeted banners appeared on biggest Russian and Ukrainian websites. Due to this order the campaign worked like an avalanche.