Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company ANYBODYHOME! Moscow, RUSSIA
Advertising Agency ANYBODYHOME! Moscow, RUSSIA
Production Company PIC-O-MATIC Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Mike Perlovsky Anybodyhome! Creative Director
Alla Botvich Anybodyhome! Idea Idea Art Director
Ilya Chekalev Anybodyhome! Strategic Director
Aleksandra Shusharina Anybodyhome! Copywriter
Elena Golubeva Anybodyhome! Client Service Director
Olga Mikheeva Anybodyhome! Account Manager
Anton Mikhelson Anybodyhome! Agency Producer
Lidia Arkhangelskaya Anybodyhome! Pr Director
Arakel Zatekayn Anybodyhome! Copywriter
Innokentiy Keleynikov Designer
Oksana Grivina Cover
Sergey Trebin Page Page Proofs Proofs Prepress
Daria Sokolova Editor

The Campaign

Problem: in Russia people facing a person with Dementia do not count as an afflicted person. No treatment or adaptation is supposed. Challenge: give people noticeable markers of Dementia, to lead them to the idea that Dementia should be diagnosed and treated. Strategy: on the basis of common occasions in positive atmosphere (family reading) to give people a basic information about the symptoms in an entertaining way. Creative strategy: use children’s nature attentiveness to make them our assistants by providing the information on symptoms in an entertaining way and helping them to share information with their parents. Creative solution: we found a well-known character from the folklore – Babushka Yaga (a soft-evil character, meaning no real harm to good heroes in most fairytales) - and created 18 fairytales describing the first symptoms of transformation from babushka (normal person) to babushka-yaga (person with Dementia), and made a book for family reading.

Success of the Campaign

The project “My Babushka Yaga” consits of an offline version of the book for offline events, an online book for downloading, an audio book in online and off line formats for downloading, for PR events and distribution. The tactical results are: – All the books have been distributed among children’s libraries and health clinics free of charge; – The audio-version has been downloaded about 8 thousand times; – More than 18 thousand people have read the book online; – The daily audience of the web-site has increased four times; – With no capital having been invested, Earned media is estimated at USD 250,000. The strategic result: – We want to raise a generation, who knows this syndrome from childhood and knows how to deal with it. – We created a positive route for discussing and sharing information about a very complicated and frightening topic – the Dementia syndrome.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

We started with social media campaign (Facebook, Livejournal) on the very first stage of the project, by inviting bloggers, copywriters and illustrators to our project, sharing this information in social media. This step took 5 months. The next big point is a presentation of the book (printed version) in a top Moscow book store, followed by a series of events for journalists and interested parties (doctors, psychologists, reading clubs, etc). The information flow went further from social media to mass media, supported by an internet campaign. From the presentation in September up to PR results in October and November. The last stage was the making of an audio book with music, movies and TV shows top celebrities. Another PR wave (social media to mass media), with distribution of the offline audio book version in Moscow shopping centers in December. The online part of the project is still available on