Winners & Shortlists


Entrant Company PUBLIP'S Valencia, SPAIN
Advertising Agency PUBLIP'S Valencia, SPAIN
Name Company Position
Luis Piquer Publip's S.A. Ceo
Toni Masia Publip's S.A. Account Director
Fran Sanmartin Publip's S.A. Creative Director
Ana Illueca Publip's S.A. Art Director
Marta Chillarón Publip's S.A. Senior Planner
Isabel López Publip's S.A. Online Strategist
Carlos Mellado Publip's S.A. Digital Creative
Paula Patterson Publip's S.A. Copywriter

The Campaign

There’s a worldwide famous festival that exists in Spain: the Fallas of Valencia. It’s a 5 day event where people get to enjoy the smell of gunpowder, the most impressive fireworks displays and more than 760 spectacular paper mâché monuments. However, there’s an underlying issue about these monuments that has more than a million tourists ask us about. By far, it’s not something easy to answer: why do we build something so remarkable and then burn it down? That’s the big question about our festival. But this year, Amstel has decided answer it. And they wanted to it with the help of everyone.

Success of the Campaign

We achieved over three million Twitter impressions and 50% more followers to this social network. In just over a week, we received more than 400,000 views of the video answer. Over 400 media impacts, meaning an advertising value of over €800,000 and that’s without even having a regional television channel. After the campaign, Amstel experienced a significant growth in all the health indicators in the region. And most importantly, the brand achieved a spectacular increase in the food share of 6 points. Of course the campaign achieved incredible results, but what really makes us proud is the fact that we gave an answer to anyone who asks themselves…that big question about our festival.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

We carried out a survey among more than 1,000 Valencian people. At the same time, we launched a teaser campaign and a video to encourage everyone to give their reasons. Of course, bloggers and media were also invited to participate. You could participate on Facebook and Twitter, and we also had a microsite to gather all the answers. Moreover, you could leave your answers in many bars in Valencia. Over 2,000 people left their words. We presented the results to the media. And with the most common arguments, we created a unique speech which a video brought to life. Likewise, paper mâché figures were created with the top 8 answers to make up our own Falla. A Falla that allowed many people to write whatever they wanted to, and as history goes, on March 19th it was burnt to the ground.