Winners & Shortlists


Short List
Entrant Company LES GAULOIS Puteaux, FRANCE
Advertising Agency LES GAULOIS Puteaux, FRANCE
Production Company PARTIZAN Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Gilbert Scher LES GAULOIS Global Creative Director
Marco Venturelli LES GAULOIS Creative Director
Luca Cinquepalmi LES GAULOIS Creative Director
Marie Donnedieu LES GAULOIS Art Director
Ouriel Ferencz LES GAULOIS Copywriter
Sabrina Bourzat LES GAULOIS Art Director Web
Julia Ben Rabah LES GAULOIS Copywriter Web
Elisabeth Billiemaz LES GAULOIS Managing Director
Aurore Cornen LES GAULOIS Account Manager
Pascale Vinzant LES GAULOIS Producer Print
Olivier Tewfik LES GAULOIS Head Of Digital
Romain Quentel/Archier LES GAULOIS Digital Project Manager
Milène Araujo LES GAULOIS Art Buyer
Hervé Kozar Vice President Sales Marketing Product
Elodie Peaudecerf Marketing Communication Manager
Anne Gaelle Le Minier Communications Officer
Antoine Pussiau Ceo

The Campaign is a low-cost airline company of the AirFrance KLM group, flying to holidays destination at very convenient rates. Competitors are many and better known. The objective of the campaign was to push sales and improve the brand notoriety in the low-cost category. Economic crisis left Europe with less money to spend, especially for something as trivial as holidays. But we all have houses full of objects that we don't use and we want to throw away. So teamed up with eBay France to create Byebye: the first object-flight converter.

Success of the Campaign

The Byebye campaign generated an unprecedented media attention to 330 millions of media impressions. More than 54% increase for 'transavia' on google. An astonishing 45% increase in bookings. Furthermore, the campaign introduced a new way to buy and recycle, proving that old stuff is not as useless as you thought and can even become a great holiday.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

A tool hosted for two weeks on Ebay homepage that allowed people to select departing and detination, get a suggestion of what they could sell, sell and transform their old objects into tickets to go on holiday, using Paypal. To communicate it, we created a teasing campaign outdoor and digital display. With this new campaign, succeeded in showing French people its ability to understand their problematic and budget restrictions. This campaign was not only a promotion, but above all a new kind of brand tool for French people, a new way to buy and recycle allowing them to book cheaper and cheaper plane tickets.