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Gold Eurobest

Case Film

Presentation Board

Product/ServiceFOOD RETAILER
Entrant Company JUNG von MATT Hamburg, GERMANY
Advertising Agency JUNG von MATT Hamburg, GERMANY
Media Agency GFMO OMD Hamburg, GERMANY
Production Company WHITE HORSE MUSIC Berlin, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Jens Pfau Jung Von Matt AG Executive Creative Director
Tobias Grimm Jung Von Matt AG Executive Creative Director
Hans/Peter Sporer Jung Von Matt AG Creative Director
Henning Robert Jung Von Matt AG Creative Director
Thorsten Sievering Jung Von Matt AG Art Director
Thimon Machatzke Jung Von Matt AG Art Director
Patrick Hammer Jung Von Matt AG Project Co/Ordinator
Maren Schwedhelm Jung Von Matt AG Project Manager
Jannik Endemann Jung Von Matt AG Agency Producer
David Gruschka N/S Post Production/Editing
Elena Gruschka Jung Von Matt AG Casting/Production
Jakob Grunert Jung Von Matt AG Casting/Copywriting/Direction/Music
Raphael Beinder N/S Camera
Daniel Schoeps Jung Von Matt AG Copywriter/Music
Kyra Nenz Jung Von Matt AG Copywriter
Dirk Domcke N/S Lighting
Gerrit Winterstein White Horse Music Production
Steffa Superheilig N/S Styling

Results and Effectiveness

„Supergeil“ became the most shared food retail campaign worldwide. 7.5 million Euro earned media value, 1.8 billion global impressions with over 8 million views within the first weeks made it the most successful German viral campaign ever. TV, press and radio reported about the campaign and played our song. It was featured on sites like buzzfeed, mashable or collegehumor. People loved the campaign – and even created their own versions of the song. Public awareness rose by 50%, sales of the EDEKA brand increased by 11 %. And EDEKA is no longer known for being old-fashioned, but for being “Supergeil” instead.

Creative Execution

We put the music video on youtube and linked it on EDEKA’s website, facebook and twitter. In addition we spread it on blogs that are known within the target group to maximise the viral potential. The video was played on the german music TV channel VIVA. The video shortly became a sensational phenomenon. Countless cover versions were made including Germany's former football champion Werder Bremen and RTL, Germany's biggest TV broadcaster, which made it's own supergeil weather forecast. Bloggers, international buzz portals and the web community did the rest.

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

EDEKA is Germany’s largest food retailer and very popular with older people, but somehow lacks sexiness when it comes to younger target groups – although EDEKA’s own product brand offers great quality at a very reasonable price. We wanted to really get younger people into its own brand products. A target group that can hardly be reached through TV. We started a campaign that did nothing but celebrate EDEKA and its products – without being blunt advertising. Therefore we produced a online music video starring Berlin artist Friedrich Liechtenstein, who simply finds everything at and about EDEKA „supergeil“ (German slang for „super horny”).