Winners & Shortlists


Short List
Entrant Company SAATCHI & SAATCHI Copenhagen, DENMARK
Advertising Agency SAATCHI & SAATCHI Copenhagen, DENMARK
Production Company M2FILM Copenhagen, DENMARK
Name Company Position
Jason Mendes Saatchi/Saatchi Nordics Executive Creative Director
Regner Lotz Saatchi/Saatchi Nordics Creative
Jesper Isholm Saatchi/Saatchi Nordics Creative
Christian Ørneborg M2 Films Film Director
Casper C. Rasmussen M2 Films Producer
Martin Gjerløff Saatchi/Saatchi DK Strategic Director
Toke Lotz Saatchi/Saatchi DK Event Director
Filip Stanfeld M2 Films Retoucher
Simon Borch M2 Films Film Editor
Toke Lotz Saatchi/Saatchi DK Case Video Editor
Jeppe Kaltoft Upright Music Film Music
Tobias Kropp Kropp Music Case Video Music
Toke Lotz Saatchi/Saatchi DK Case Video Music
Nanna Rosenstock Saatchi/Saatchi DK Film Producer
Pil Bernth/Andersen Saatchi/Saatchi DK Event Producer
Maria Dinesen Saatchi/Saatchi DK Account Director

Results and Effectiveness

The projected views of doing cinema ads were estimated to be around 150.000 views per year. Within the first 6 weeks, by doing a stunt instead of traditional cinema ads we generated over one million views online. Over 600% above the expected views. Not bad for a country of only 5 million. Total Media impressions the 6 weeks: 7.683.000 Earnt media: 1.468.208 Danish Kr (200,000 Euro) from a media budget of 0. The stunt was picked up by local media, as well as international ones, including Huffington Post and Prez Hilton to name a few. The cinema goers who experienced the stunt shared, tweeted and posted their experience on their social networks.

Creative Execution

Execution: The media team recognized that we had a creative platform that lent itself to executing a stunt, which could potentially breakthrough the limited reach of normal, passive cinema ads, which we were brief to do. They thought it would generate a lot of earnt media for the client as they client had a very limited media budget for traditional cinemas ads. Desired outcome: The projected views of the cinema ads were estimated by client research to be around 150.000 views per year. And by doing a media stunt, we smashed that by over 600%

Insights, Strategy and the Idea

Historically, In Danish cinemas, Coca Cola is as important to the experience as popcorn is. Recently, that market dominance has been challenged by other brands and products. Regain the high ground by reminding people to keep quiet during the movie via cinema ads to demonstrate Coca Cola understands how important the cinema experience is to people. And by doing so, get people to think Coca Cola every time they go to the cinema. And by doing so, maintain the high-ground along with popcorn. Agency Insight: Everybody hates when people make noise during a film. Everytime you make a noise you suddenly become as obvious as the actors in it. You essentially become part of the movie. Creative platform (Idea): Please keep quiet during the movie. It's not the same with you in it.