Category A02. Data-Driven Targeting
Media Placement STARCOM Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Name Company Position
Gijs Sluijters DDB & Tribal worldwide, Amsterdam Senior Creative / Concept
Joris Tol DDB & Tribal Worldwide, Amsterdam Senior Creative / Concept
Dave Murphy DDB & Tribal Worldwide, Amsterdam Business Director
Alistair Beattie DDB & Tribal Worldwide, Amsterdam Co-CEO
Erik van der Bijl DDB & Tribal Worldwide, Amsterdam Senior Producer
Joris Kang'eri DDB & Tribal Worldwide, Amsterdam Creative Director
Michiel Cox DDB & Tribal Worldwide, Amsterdam Strategy
Keith Kornson DDB & Tribal Worldwide, Amsterdam Design Director
Sophie van Pelt DDB & Tribal Worldwide, Amsterdam Executive Producer
Wendy Losse DDB & Tribal Worldwide, Amsterdam Senior Producer
Rian Verhagen SuperHero Cheesecake Bot - Technical Director
Machiel Molenaar SuperHero Cheesecake Bot - Sr. Programmer
Michelle Joosten SuperHero Cheesecake Bot - Sr. Producer
Sander Hannema Global Ticket Site - Technical Director, owner.
Robin Bleekemolen Global Ticket Site - Technical Director, owner.
Jackie Huynh Global Ticket Site – Sr. Programmer
James Miles Starcom MediaVest Group Media – Strategy Director
Nadira Sultana Starcom MediaVest Group Media – Account manager
SMG UK Starcom MediaVest Group Media production
Evert-Jan van Efferink Attached language Translations manager
Sven Stroomberg Colorbleed Animation
Philippe Avendano Vera New AMS Producer
Annely Valk New AMS Producer
Jelani Isaacs New AMS Executive Producer
Reinder van Zalk Earforce Sound design
Sir OJ New AMS Music
Emiel Nuninga New AMS Offline Editor
Tbd New AMS Online Editor
Kevin Kimman New AMS Grading

The Campaign

We knew that people prefer local products while on a trip. So, we set out to over deliver on this insight: We brewed guys visiting Amsterdam a Heineken timed so that it was ready exactly on their day of arrival. We started by targeting confirmed travellers to Amsterdam. And offered to brew them ‘A ’Dam Fresh Heineken’. After signing up to get one of these unique Heinekens, we used Facebook’s latest 1-on-1 Messenger technique to show them all about the craft that goes into our 28-day brewing process. But we went even further: we used the chat to really get to know individual guys; talking about Amsterdam and what kind of experiences they were looking for. On arrival, their day-fresh Heineken awaited them in Heineken’s oldest brewery in Amsterdam, wrapped in a tailored city map made with help of the data collected in the 1-on-1 chat. ‘A ’Dam Fresh Heineken’ : - Brewed to be ready on the exact day of your arrival. Chilled and protected from light to create the freshest beer from Amsterdam in Amsterdam - Wrapped with a personalised map to our hometown’s best hidden gems – selected based on personal preferences in the 1-on-1 chat.

In only the first two weeks of the campaign: - We reached every qualified person travelling to Amsterdam with our dynamic campaign - Delivering close to 500 personalised beers and unique city trips - We sold out on the capacity of our campaign production line - We engaged 80% of our chatbot conversations for the full 28 days. Engaging this mobile-first audience for a long period of time. With a paid media budget of only €4,500, we achieved laser-sharp focus in targeting and impact, delivering close to 0% wastage.

Data turned Heineken’s 144-year-old beer into the most authentic welcome to its hometown Amsterdam. We used search and booking data to talk only to an audience guaranteed to be interested in our offer: those who had booked a ticket to Amsterdam. We turned audience data into a dynamic campaign reaching every single person with unique and personalised messages leading up to a physical representation in the form of a beer. We turned conversational data from 1-on-1 chats into an algorithmically generated tour along the Amsterdam destinations that best suited their personality.

The idea required a lot of data to bring it to life – candidate travel details, interests and demographics. So: 1) Recruitment We worked with a special algorithm that analysed search behaviour and cookie data to ensure we were only reaching confirmed travellers to Amsterdam. Across key markets (UK, Ireland, US, Germany, Italy, Spain) we employed dynamic creative to develop 471 variations of creative copy based on travellers’ interests, origin and language, crafting bespoke messages. 2) Refinement After purchasing ‘A ’Dam Fresh Heineken’, our guests were invited to a Facebook chatbot conversation, sustained throughout the 28 Heineken brewing days needed. Through engaging questions, we got to know their interests and likes. In combination with their travel data, we created unique interest signatures. 3) Personalisation Finally, we combined everything we’d learned about our guests with everything we know about Amsterdam from our 144-year history in the city. We matched our guests’ interest signatures against a ranked database of points of interest, generating unique itineraries for each.