Category A09. Social Data
Entrant KING Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation KING Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Jonas Yrlid King Art Director
Josephine Wallin King Art Director
Pontus Ekström King Copywriter
Peter Preisler King Account Director
Åsa Slättegård King Account Manager
Per Wilson King Planner
Calle Cassel King Graphic Designer
Frank Hollingworth King Creative Director
Sunit Mehrotra King CEO
Markus Ahlm Colony Film producent
Patrik Gyllström B-reel Director
Anisa Dzindo B-reel Producer
Rikard Åström King Executive Producer
Patrik Sundberg Post Sthlm PR

The Campaign

For over 30 years Lotto has talked to people who hit the jackpot, and what they would do with the money. This has successfully worked content for own channels and PR stories. But this data is individual and difficult for the many to relate to (“I wouldn’t buy this or do that”). But the read thread that we identified was that experiences reoccurred and started to trend in what people talked about when reflecting about the big win. So we started to capture this data using existing knowledge, quant studies across Sweden and combining this with search, popular activities under #bucketlist on Instagram and uniquely produced content and dialogues in our own social channels. The data gathering itself was not original, it was how we made use of this data. Not how we represented it through infographics or fancy artwork but through an actual and unique tactile course where others got to experience Swede´s bucketlist in VR with a lot of fun 5D elements.

The activity droves sales with a positive ROI (calculated through actual bought Lotto tickets after experience any part of the campaign). More specifically, Lotto was able to drive sales from new customers and not only increase frequency from current customer base. In total, the campaign delivered over 2 million impressions (with a total segment of 4 million people) and a response to Lotto as a brand and game where people started to relate what I can experience before I die with a Lotto win rather than just focusing on winning money. In parallel, the media awareness of Lotto increased during the period due to the activity (compared to similar periods and with no big jackpots during the period).

The Lotto 5D Bucket list experience tapped into existing and new data of what people would experience if they won the Lotto. With over 2.000 Lotto winners over the years Lotto has vast data on what winners do once they have it the Jackpot, this combined with what people talk about (under #bucketlist and through quantitative research) Lotto could present what Swede´s had on their bucketlist – a data we used creatively to build and document the world’s first tactile and VR based bucketlist experience.

We used historical data combined with traditional data gathering methods (quant research, FB post, search) to put together the optimal bucket list. From this we created the course (including “paying the mortgage”, “skydiving”, “paradise island”, “heliskiing”, “safari”, “dive at the great barrier reefs”. These 6 typical bucket list experiences whas then targeted to different interest groups and communities to increase awareness and interest in what a Lotto win could enable me to experience and tick off on my bucket list.