Category A04. Data Storytelling
Name Company Position
James Ruane Edelman Managing Director
Nick Hamilton Edelman Associate Director
Jamie Cordwell Edelman Associate Creative Director
Rachel Winter Edelman Account Director
Ethan Tuxford Edelman Senior Account Manager
Kelly Scragg Edelman Account Executive

The Campaign

Data insights Now more than ever, new technologies are being used to understand the complexities of human behaviour. We created an in-depth experiment, using cutting edge methods to track cultural and emotional pressures on drivers globally. Insights showed drivers how Shell understands them and how it can make journeys better. Ultimately, we wanted to move from generating product stories to driving conversations around individuals and driving trends. Innovation The Shell Global Driving Experiment used a combination of cutting edge wearable and biometric technology, GPS and smartphone apps to map driver journeys, alongside emotional and external forces which combine to impact driver performance. We partnered with a world-renowned academic institution to tap into their specialised expertise and deliver an independent experiment. The results could then be used to initiate conversations with influencers, media and consumers to open a new kind of dialogue for Shell, alongside providing unique insights for future products and service offerings. Originality The Shell Global Driving Experiment is the World’s largest driving study of this kind. We created the first ever emotion-tracking technology, allowing us to track, measure, and correlate driver emotions with driver performance, alongside contextual and environmental factors from personality to diet, music, health, weather and

Data enhanced consumer experience The experiment put the consumer at the heart of the campaign, by demonstrating Shell understands the huge range of influences which impact drivers daily, beyond the mechanical function of fuels and engines. Through investing in world-first research, Shell discovered how it can make positive differences to drivers’ journeys across the world. Data driven behaviour change Results dispelled common myths that driving performance is determined by gender or background, showing that personality type and mood play a bigger role than we think. The insights provide Shell with a strategic edge to help inform their product offerings and help everyday drivers understand what impacts their own performance on the road. These data-driven insights were leveraged to inform the media strategies across 11 markets and elevate the fuels launch from the motoring pages, to mainstream news and lifestyle media. Business impact The campaign approach drove a 14% sales uplift for Shell V-Power and 8.4% penetration increase. The campaign also achieved a worldwide reach of 100+ million across 200 media outlets, with an earned social reach of 7.7M across four markets, equivalent to 10.5% engagement rate. 73% of coverage achieved positive tone with 54% including Shell in the headline.

As wearable technology continues to evolve, it has become integral to tracking one of the most challenging things to quantify: human emotion. As a world leader in fuels and technology, Shell went beyond its traditional expertise to measure the huge range of pressures placed on drivers themselves. The Shell Global Driving Experiment shifted the global PR strategy from generating product stories, to driving longer-term conversations around driver well-being and performance. The resulting data and analysis allows drivers across the world to better understand what impacts their performance behind the wheel...from emotions and personality traits, to lifestyle choices and even passengers.

Data gathering Using the wristband from our emotion-tracking technology, combined with driving, traffic, weather data, personality information and a chatbot, we were able to truly understand the individual behind the wheel. Data was gathered from over 300 drivers in each market, over a two-week fieldwork period. Data interpretation Detailed analyses of data points gathered in each market was conducted, producing in-depth research reports. Findings were specific to each nation, and key themes most relevant to different media verticals, influencers and consumers were established. The individual market reports were then re-analysed to identify global themes and trends. Targeting The data captured allowed us to target new audiences for Shell by leveraging the insights to create market-specific media stories that went beyond the traditional fuels and technology angle.