Category A09. Social Data
Idea Creation 2 POKE London, UNITED KINGDOM
Media Placement SMG Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Production 2 RESET CONTENT Santa Monica, USA
Production 3 MPC London, UNITED KINGDOM
Name Company Position
Anuraag Trikha Heineken Brand Communication & Digital Director Global Commerce
Gianluca Di Tondo Heineken Senior Director Global Heineken® Brand Global Commerce
Els Dijkhuizen Heineken Communication Manager Global Commerce
Nourdin Rejeb Heineken Global Digital Manager
Jessica Setiawan Heineken Global Digital Manager
Bruno Bertelli Publicis Global Chief Creative Officer (Publicis Worldwide)
Cristiana Boccassini Publicis Italy Executive Creative Director (Italy)
Marco Venturelli, Luca Cinquepalmi Publicis Italy Executive Creative Directors
Milos Obradovic Publicis Italy Global Digital Creative Director on Heineken
Claudia Illan, Giovanna Favor Publicis italy Copywriters
Hugo Wahledow, Alice Teruzzi Publicis Italy Art Directors
James Moore Publicis Italy Strategic Planner
David Pagnoni, Fabiola Miccone, Eleni Charakleia Publicis Italy Client Account Team
Silvia Cattaneo Publicis Italy Agency Producer
Nicholas Roope Poke London Executive Creative Director
Angus Mackinnon Poke London Group Creative Director
Matthew Comras, Tom Park Poke London Copywriters
Dom Fisher Poke London Design Director
Sol Gafhoor Publicis London Lead Strategist
Juyong Kim Poke London Account Handler
Catherine Hurst, Rachel Adelson Poke London Producers
James Miles Starcom Media Planner
Guy Ritchie Independent/Reset Director
Dave Morrison/Jani Guest Independent/Reset Executive Producers
Adam Saward Independent/Reset Producer

The Campaign

The only thing worse than being stuck at work missing the game, is when your friend gives you a lame excuse for missing it also.We needed someone fans would listen to, someone they couldrespect, so we called on one of the greatest coaches of all time, Jose Mourinho, The Special One. His arrogance and charm coupled with the fact that for the first time he would be watching UCL from his couch, made him the perfect coach to ensure there would be no more excuses for missing UCL match night with friends.We took over social media and joined conversations in messaging apps with targeted contentthat reacted to fans' context and environment in real-time, from rain to Valentines day. Leveraging data we generated hundreds of videos in which Mourinho reacted to and dismissed excuses from fans around the world. Yet he also provided a solution, and encouraged fans to enjoy UCL match nights like winners, surrounded byfriends with Heineken in hand.No matter where you are in the world, no matter what your situation, Mourinho reached you and reminded you that there were no excuses for missing match night, always ending with the CTA to #championthematch

No More Excuse reached 35% of our target, delivering 500m impressionsand over 180m total viewsacross c.800 videos.The data-learned relevancy of the excuse-busting videos was reflected in strong average video completion rates of 39% across all phases, rising to 45% for the quarter-finals. Also, over 35% of those who used the personal and customisable chatbot went on to set match reminders and invite friends to interact.

This campaign useddata gathered from UEFA Champions League (UCL) fans around the world. Specifically, fans from different timezones, all with different excuses for missing a UCL match with friends. Using thisdata, we created hundreds of targeted, locally relevantvideos that let fansfeel as if Jose Mourinho was giving them a personal prep talk, motivating them to watch a UCL match the right way, with friends and a fridge full of Heineken.

Thetarget was broad:all UCL fans, 20-40 yrs old male/female across the globe. Our research showed that their excuses for missing match nightsdiffered depending on their time zone, local context and personal circumstances. We also discovered that when they committed to watching a game, itwas before the night of the match andoften organisedwith friends on messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. It became clear that a one size fits all approach wouldn't work. Motivationworks best when it's personal, relevant and useful to your context and needs.The strategy was simple, remind fans before match nightsto get together with friendsand a fridge full of Heineken,usingtailoredand targetedvideosthat made them feel likeMourinhowas motivating them personally. Then extend thisthrough 1-to-1 conversations on Facebook Messengerthroughout the tournamentand in turn drivemore social occasions andconsumption momentson match nights.