Category C01. Digital Design
Product/ServiceFOR HONOR
Idea Creation 2 UBISOFT Paris, FRANCE
Production MAKE ME PULSE Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Alexander Kalchev DDB Paris Executive Creative Director
Rémi Dias das Almas DDB Paris Copywriter
Mickaël Jacquemin DDB Paris Art Director
Marie-Elise Archambaud DDB Paris Account Manager
Loup-Eder Noël DDB Paris Account Supervisor
Laetitia de Camas DDB Paris Account Supervisor
Alban 404 - Game Advisor
Geoffroy Sardin Ubisoft Vice-President
Guillaume Carmona Ubisoft Marketing Director
Camille Aneas Ubisoft Marketing Director EMEA HQ
Pierre Thomas Ubisoft EMEA Online Brand Manager
Nicolas Rajabaly Make me pulse Producer
Julien Rault Make me pulse Producer
Grégory Bruneau Make me pulse Producer

The Campaign

To showcase the “For Honor” universe and 3 factions, we created an immersive experience. Gamers were invited to retrace the past of a Knight, a Viking and a Samurai through the scars on their weapons. From first combat to the owner’s death, each scar showed a video created with in-game footage. In the end, gamers personalized their weapon with over 190 combinations possible. And finally, a unique code for an exclusive pre-launch trial appeared on the blade of their weapon, driving engagement and beta-testing.

Creative Execution

Scars offers an immersive interactive experience with ultra-realistic WebGL rendering. The user finds himself face to face with each exquisitely rendered warrior. As you scroll down, you discover the warrior’s life. Thanks to motion capture and spatialized sound design techniques, every sound faithfully highlights each movement and impact of the scene.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

In the first week alone, over 405 thousand people from 180 different countries tried the experience. 169 000 weapons with beta codes were created. The game’s beta launch subscriptions surpassed all targets and Scars was launched worldwide to a great acclaim, scoring 80/100 at websites like Gamespot and IGN.

Our target audience were hardcore gamers, who are not easy to please. Our strategy was to offer them content that showcases the gameplay without any exaggeration or polish, but place it into a never seen before context that excites them about the three different factions.