Category B03. Self-Promotion
Name Company Position
Wolfgang Schneider BBDO Group Germany GmbH Chief Creative Officer
Ton Hollander BBDO Duesseldorf GmbH Chief Creative Officer
Kristoffer Heilemann BBDO Duesseldorf GmbH Creative Managing Director
Fabiano Oliveira Proximity Worldwide GmbH Creative Director
Stefan Vogtländer Proximity Worldwide GmbH Designer
Miguel Chordá Proximity Worldwide GmbH Designer
Sarah Kossak BBDO Düsseldorf GmbH Copywriter
Sabine Boenigk BBDO Düsseldorf GmbH Agency Producer
Steffen Gentis BBDO Group Germany GmbH Chief Production Officer
Bernhard Burg BBDO Duesseldorf GmbH Director Print Production
- CraftWork - a brand of ad agencyservices GmbH Production / Post Production (Film)
Alexander Link CraftWork - a brand of ad agencyservices GmbH Director Of Photography
Lukas Schmücker CraftWork - a brand of ad agencyservices GmbH Editor
- Studio Funk GmbH & Co. KG Audio Production House
Florian Schweizer Studio Funk GmbH & Co. KG Sound Engineer
- Service-Druck GmbH & Co. KG Print Production Company

The Campaign

We needed to promote an event that was all about acoustic music and sound using a very traditional medium: a printed poster. But we gave it a twist. We created the first printed poster that can be seen with ears. On the surface, the invitation poster appeared to be like any other poster, but hidden within its design were a die cut, which allowed it to be simply transformed into a real playable flute underlining the importance of noise and music in advertising. 

Creative Execution

The Poster was placed in entrance halls of sound studios. People could tear it off and with its instructions on the back of the poster be able to make a flute out of it. As in the fairy tale, the pied piper of Hamelin, all creatures from the artwork get gathered together by the main character. So when teared of, you will find two rubber bands on the back, to keep the poster rolled up. Once adjusted, last step is to fold the mouthpiece and the flute is ready to go.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The leading design trade press in Germany named our invitation poster as Campaign of the Day, within one hour of receiving our press release – ensuring that everybody in the sound and advertising industry heard about it. Registration for the event doubled overnight. The reach was further amplified by several groups in our target audience making their own videos of trying to play our flute, which were shared on social media. This spread the reach even further in the press both in Germany and beyond into France and Argentina. The result: a fantastically successful event attracting everybody who is anybody in the sound and advertising industries, reconfirming Düsseldorf as the place for sound professionals and ad agencies to be.

Our strategy was to create something previously unseen of, that would create the buzz we needed within the ad and sound industries. In line with the theme of the event, we created a printed invitation poster that you can read with your ears. The Soundlounge invitation poster, were placed in reception areas of leading sound studios and production houses across Germany, directly targeting our key audience. We also made a short film demonstrating this, showcasing the poster and how it works This was shared with the trade press, amplifying our message further, deep into our target market.