Category G05. Motion Graphics Design & Animation
Product/ServiceNTV CHANNEL IDS
Entrant NTV Moscow, RUSSIA
Idea Creation NTV Moscow, RUSSIA
Production NTV Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Art-Direction: Igor Sordokhonov NTV Design Art Director
Ilya Rutkovsky NTV Design Designer
Mikhail Sedov NTV Design Designer
Viktoria Danilchenko NTV Design Painter
Oleg Emirov NTV Design Sound Design Arrangement

The Campaign

Series of ID-bumper define the new channel design theme. It is based on conception of magnetism and attraction. Main object is the green sphere – symbol of NTV channel and center of its logotype. It switches on in the first bumpers (Angar and Sky) and then attracts different matters, objects and substances in the next bumpers, always remaining in the center of screen. Also special holiday ID-bumpers were produced – New Year, Defender of the Fatherland Day and Women’s Day.

Creative Execution

The main and central object is the green sphere contrasting with the environment. It’s some absolutely new object which clearly does not belong to this place but now it is the main object here. It organizes the place and softly attracts everything to it.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The result is a feeling of returning of the good old NTV channel associating with the green sphere. It’s a visual promise for a new level of content quality creating new loyal consumers and returning old ones.

It's not the first time ID bumpers are based on the green sphere in the center of the screen. But last time it was many years ago and this time it was positioned as a relaunch of the whole channel (switching on the sphere in the first ID bumpers) and returning to the roots at the same time.