Category E02. Drinks
Idea Creation SVOE MNENIE Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Andrey Kugaevskikh Svoe mnenie Creative Director
Marsel Yalalov Svoe mnenie Art Director
Marina Dovbnya Svoe mnenie Graphic Designer

The Campaign

We have put spirit into a phantasy and it embodied in a form of Sisters. An absinthe devoted to the old world’s legend of Henriod ladies, who accidentally invented one of the most mysterious and outstanding drinks which had become a symbol of the bohemian community. “Sisters” is a new creation encouraged by traditional Henriod’s spirits, not a reproduction of a vintage drink. Our absinthe is carefully crafted following the authentic recipe by state-of-art technology with passion and patience to the process. The key idea of our brand was to convey the message of dualism and inner struggle between flesh and mind of an artist. The desire for women’s body is essential for every male human being, but a true creator can express it in another way than a mere sex, in a form of the pure art.

Creative Execution

The design is destined to create a unique fusion of fauvism, expressionism and action painting with the provocative but delicate allusion of two infamous inventors of absinthe. The abstract visual identity of a brand perfectly matches its bohemian personality. An intrigue of a product inspires a desire to taste this enigmatic drink. The absinthe was designed to be as fascinating as its remarkable connoisseurs. Sex-sales communication has a great influence and implication on the target audience. Expressional combination of orange, blue and red allows the product to become noticeable both on the shelf and in the bar. Rough and barbaric brushstrokes aimed to express the complexity of author’s vision as well as the complexity of a drink’s palate. Driven by a vision of an absinthe that resembles modern art but with hints of traditional heritage, we tried a variety of concepts based on minimalism, optical illusions, and even breast marks.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Authentic recipe based on 11 wild herbs. The high-quality product that meets needs of its customers. Storytelling component shows customers that existence of our brand fits their interesting and exciting lives by providing them the information they would like to explore. The brand keeps the heritage of Henriod sisters and a true bohemian spirit for a new generation. Sisters’ portraits our target audience as highly educated and sophisticated connoisseurs of art and absinthe. Since the 1st of October 2017 the brand has successfully been entered the 20 storages of the Wine Lab retail chain. The research has shown that 25-35 years old male and female consumers like the color and unique bottle shape. It was also mentioned that the product fits their lifestyle and they have an intention to buy it.

How to attract creative and sophisticated individuals? Here is a recipe: tell them a story in a way they like to hear it, with legacy and visuals of great aesthetic value. Nothing has really changed since the invention of the absinthe. The creative part of the society thinks different and still looks for extra special drinks which would tempt their personality and arouses the senses. The only thing that has changed is an approach. Target audience: creative class trend-setters, 22-35 years old. Bored by conservative brands. These outstanding individuals look for new emotional experience and choose brands that have the courage to stand-out in any every possible way. They appreciate enticing design and exciting storytelling behind it, so we’ve decided to give people what they like via brand of Sisters. Extravagant bottle, the exceptional structure of a label and extraordinary communication take our brand far away from trivial expectations.