Category B01. Posters
Media Placement MINDSHARE Portland, USA
Production CANADA Barcelona, SPAIN
Name Company Position
Clifford Hopkins Instagram Head of Instagram Marketing
Taj Alavi Instagram Head of Global Brand Marketing
Bekah Sirrine Instagram Head of Creative Marketing
Lauren A. Rodwell, André Llewellyn Instagram Brand Marketing Manager
Jessica Dickey Instagram Associate Brand Marketing Manager
Maud Deitch Instagram Creative Marketing
Mark Bernath, Eric Quennoy Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam Executive Creative Directors
Thierry Albert, Cal Al-Jorani, Craig Williams Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam Creative Directors
Cecilia Pignocchi, Emma Mällinen, Cassandre Gouraud, Jordi Luna, Mariano Garcia Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam Art Directors and Copywriters
Joe Togneri, Tony Stearns, Stijn Wikkerink, Khalid el Khouani Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam Production
Kelsie Van Deman, Morgan Mendel, Annatruus Bakker, Debra Clarke, Caitlin DeAngel Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam Interactive Production
Maud Klarenbeek, Rachel Perry, Stacey Prudden Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam Art Production
Martin Weigel, Emma Wiseman, Anna Leonte Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam Planning
Greg White, Wes Young, Freddie Young Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam Communication and Digital Strategy
Claire Beesley, Reema Patel, Sara Constance Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam Public Relations
Clare Pickens, Aitziber Izurrategui, Ben Prout, Yulia Prokhorova, Isabelle Udall Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam Account Management
Joe Burrin Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam Head of Design
Lizzie Murray Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam Studio Director
Noa Redero, Cindy Kouwenoord, Danny van het Kaar Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam Studio Artists
Gustav von Platen Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam Interactive Designer
Zeynep Orbay, Thomas Payne, Malia Killings Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam Designer
Gabriela Moreira, Saskia Van Zwieten, Loes Poot Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam Project Manager
Kacey Kelley, Emilie Douqué, Michael Graves Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam Business Affairs
Marta Argullós, Oscar Romagosa Canada Executive Producer
Oscar Marmelstein AMBASSADORS Editor
Yann Stofer Ambassadors (Amsterdam) Photographer

The Campaign

“Stories Are Everywhere” was an assertion. We wanted to show rather than tell people what was possible on Instagram Stories, and in doing show shatter the fallacy that it was only for certain moments. Our “Stories Are everywhere” message acted as an intimation that every moment has potential. And seeing it brought to live visually acted as a friendly nudge to make something of it. Product demonstrations are typically creatively barren. They lack joy in every sense of the word. But the Stories feature was brimming with joy and creative opportunity. Rather than trying to convince people of its value with smart words - we wanted to show it in action. Our approach was to show how any moment could be make something worth sharing with Instagram Stories - so it demanded proof.

Creative Execution

We knew we needed to entice teens. And that another well shot 60” manifesto film wasn’t going to cut it. So, we took inspiration from the feature itself and crafted an idea as dynamic and surprising as the platform experience. Using over 250 unique creative assets across digital video, out of home, events, spotify ads and cinema - we created a message that grew in meaning with every new executions. Every asset worked as both a demonstration and an invitation to create. We then introduced dynamic outdoor executions in city centres where teens congregated. These created a multifaceted narrative that put the message into action in playful and surprising ways. This all culminated in a festival that put the message into action by asking the attendees to participate in a set designed for making stories.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The combined reach & multiple creative executions of the campaign lifted brand associations with Instagram as place for in-between moments to a statistically significant level, whilst competitor brand imagery weakened. We also protected brand associations as a place for inspiration and quality content. This was especially true in cities where we we ran communications across multiple channels. Usage of Instagram Stories increased to a statistically significant higher level in exposed cities (versus control cities), proving communications were effective in driving usage metrics. Across media partners, ‘Stories Are Everywhere’ created a depth of engagement that has now become the benchmark for all Instagram communications.

Our strategy was simple, demonstrate that the transformative nature power of Instagram Stories to make any moment Instagram-worthy. And as part of our campaign ‘Stories Are Everywhere’ we demonstrated exactly that, with a series of outdoor executions that morphed into the landscape of the cities we were communicating in. We created impact sites where giant illustrated bumblebees graced the skyline, contextual sites where tram windows were turned into humorous scenarios, and takeover sites where an entire cinema became a Stories playground. The OOH put the creative idea ‘Stories are everywhere’ into action.