Category G08. Copywriting
Entrant W&CIE Paris, FRANCE
Idea Creation W&CIE Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Gilles DELERIS W&Cie Chief Creative Officer
Paul GROVES W&Cie Creative Director
Jean-Jacques CHARRAIS W&Cie Senior Art Director
Albane VAN EECKHOUT W&Cie Junior Art Director
Alexandre CELAIRE W&Cie Junior Art Director
James WATKINS W&Cie Copywriter
Martin PIOT W&Cie Managing Director
Cécilia DESCHAMPS W&Cie Project Manager
Anais GUILLEMANE W&Cie Head of Strategic Planning

The Campaign

We’ve created a hybrid place in between a bar, a restaurant, a hostel, an apartment, a concert hall: meet JO&JOE!

Creative Execution

JO&JOE's semantic territory, has been thought like a punchy and witty conversation, between two friends who just love to contradict each other. Jo is a girl and Joe, a boy… or is it the other way around? Jo is artistic …and Joe is sporty ! Together, they form JO&JOE : a conversation between two backpacking friends with slightly different perspectives on the same thing – but ultimately they always go in the same direction. The copy is conversational. It’s sensitive to the environments and contexts in which it appears. It makes a difference whether the reader is in the gym to in the elevator.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

JO&JOE is the first brand to be launched by AccorHotels in the last 10 years > + 400 press clippings and 1300 mentions in 3 days > 50 000 people reached during the online activation launch

To cater to the large and complex population of Millennials and Millennials-minded, JO&JOE is a new hospitality concept, always changing, adapting to its clients and not the other way around ! In few words, JO&JOE has been created by and for its clients.