Category D01. Retail - Permanent Environment & Experience Design
Entrant W&CIE Paris, FRANCE
Idea Creation W&CIE Paris, FRANCE
Production W&CIE Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Gilles DELERIS W&Cie Chief Creative Officer
Sonja KÖNIG W&Cie Creative Director
Samuel DUBECH W&Cie Senior Retail Designer
Gun HYOUNG PARK W&Cie Junior Retail Designer
Jean-Jacques CHARRAIS W&Cie Senior Art Director
Albane VAN EECKHOUT W&Cie Junior Art Director
Anne DUPRE W&Cie Materials Consultant
Martin PIOT W&Cie Managing Director
Maxime LEMAITRE W&Cie Account Director
Pascal LETURCQ Walter (W&Cie) Operations Director
Julien PRINCE Walter (W&Cie) Project Manager

The Campaign

The idea behind the concept of Alpine showroom is to translate the overall brand’s DNA, within the retail space: The Alps, the curves and the speed. Taking into account the brand values, the retail concept has been designed around passion, performance and driving enjoyment. The idea is to present the car in a space that reflects the spirit and the origins of the brand – the Alps – the major elements of the showroom is a visual of the mountain, welcoming you as soon as you enter the flagship. The shell is inspired by the codes of a workshop/garage: dark, sober colors, accentuate Alpine’s blue palette and the wood from the custom-made furniture.

Creative Execution

The exterior is adorned with the Alpine logo and accentuated with blue diagonal lines. Inside the showroom, visitors are invited to pursue a personalized digital experience : - Configuration zone: samples of materials will be available, to facilitate the creation of unique models and appreciate the craftsmanship. - Merchandising zone: a modular space, allowing to display products. - Lounge zone: an immersive library to inspire customers and show the universe of the brand - Live Showroom: a digital space dedicated to the presentation of the car - Exhibition zone The global mood is based on a workshop/garage: -Rough materials have been used throughout the showroom: steel, wood, leather -The walls are gray-inspired concrete. -The floor and ceiling are dark-colored to reinforce the theatrical lightening. -The lighting has been chosen to focus on certain areas of vehicles and highlight details - differing from what is usually offered in car’s industry.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The Alpine showroom: a flagship that translates the brand, a meeting point for enthusiasts and clients and a showcase for Alpine. Customers can now live a real Alpine experience through the different touch-points. - Live Showroom – 60 presentations from March (around 20 people per presentations) - Merchandising shop – Around 50 products sold by week. People are crazy about Alpine brand merchandising. - Exhibition space – showing objects and photos that relate the history and passion of Alpine Sales: - From 1 to 10 car reservations by week. - Between 50 to 200 visits by day (depending on actuality and events). - 10 brand events and 7 prospection events (around 1500 people invited to events from opening)

Elegant, radical, and furiously seductive. These products feature have guided the agency in designing the space according to the brand's DNA. To create a common thread throughout the showroom and with the brand’s overall graphic guidelines: the agency used the brand-specific blue as a common thread, accentuated by rough materials (leather and wood for furniture, steel for the specific details) Targets: - The brand’s fans are the main target, owners of old timers. - Second target are all the sports car’s fans.