Category C01. Digital Design
Entrant YANDEX Moscow, RUSSIA
Idea Creation YANDEX Moscow, RUSSIA
Media Placement YANDEX Moscow, RUSSIA
Production YANDEX Moscow, RUSSIA
Production 2 JETSTYLE Ekaterinburg, RUSSIA
Production 3 NEQ4 Moscow, RUSSIA
Additional Company TOYOTA Moskow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Anatoly Topol Yandex Special Projects Director
Konstantin Lysenko Yandex Special Projects Group Head
Anton Aralin Yandex Production Designer
Alexander Zharikov Yandex Producer
Olga Bolotova neq4 Content Manager

The Campaign

There are over 500,000 search queries related to Mount Everest per month in Russia. And only a bit more than 4,000 people managed to win its top. No wonder, since Everest is one of the planet's most inaccessible places. Base Camp where the climbing starts is located at 5,200 m altitude, higher than mountain top of Europe's Mont Blanc (4,810 m). Everest was our destination for driving Toyota SUVs to shoot the first ever street view of climbing the world's highest peak.

Creative Execution

We organized the first expedition to Everest in 2015. But no one managed to reach the peak that time because of the earthquake. In 2016, we repeated the attempt, the cars delivered the climbers and equipment to the Base Camp, and we managed to climb up and perform the footage. Project production took more than half a year, which included processing of 1084 photos to create 270 panoramas for 14 kilometers of the road. For our website, we developed the special 3D model of Everest, overlapped with the ascent route and key points for user convenience. And all the way to the top is accompanied by dubbing with a detailed story from direct participants.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Over 1 000 000 unique visitors. More than 70% of users strolled along the virtual route on the website. Over 20 000 shares.

Target audience of Toyota Land Cruiser SUVs is represented by well-off drivers fond of outdoor adventures. Expeditions to Everest are one of the most expensive and inaccessible tourist experiences. Info on the web was inconsistent and our goal was to create a meaningful virtual tour of the world’s highest mountain top. Also Toyota’s priority was using the latest technology along the way. That’s why we chose the state-of-the-art light-weight photo equipment and created a unique 3D model of the mountain reflecting the route for user engagement on the project’s web site. Toyota SUVs were integrated into the panoramas, while stories of climbers describe the vehicles as reliable helpers in achieving the goal.