Category D05. Sculptural Brand Installation & Experience
Entrant HEIMAT Hamburg, GERMANY
Idea Creation HEIMAT Hamburg, GERMANY
Media Placement SOCIAL.INC Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Name Company Position
Mathias Stiller Heimat Hamburg Chief Creative Officer
Alexander Kumfert Heimat Hamburg Creative Director
Patrick Ryffel Heimat Hamburg Creative Director
Josephine Rausch Heimat Hamburg Copywriter
Alisha Koswig Heimat Hamburg Copywriter
Ninja Reith Heimat Hamburg Art Director
Tobias Flosdorf Heimat Hamburg Account Director
Jorg Hempenius Freelancer Artist
Samuel Pipke Heimat Hamburg Project Manager
Noemi Engi Heimat Hamburg Project Manager
Bart Rutten Stedelijk Museum Head of Collections
Sebastian Lier Mantikor Film Cameraman
Falk Poetz Mantikor Film Producer

The Campaign

The artSmellery exhibition proves the powerful influence of smells on our perception – by transferring visual artworks into olfactory artworks. For the exhibition, we selected a handful of the world famous artworks from the Stedelijk Museums collection – but all you can actually see are empty frames. The pictures themselves can just be revealed through the sense of smell. The odors evoke memories and trigger emotions – the pictures are only created in our minds. This is not only an innovative and exciting way to experience art. It demonstrates that odors can have a big impact on our perception. And thus, also the relevance of odor removal gets proven in an engaging way.

Creative Execution

For the artSmellery exhibiton, we selected six famous pantings from the Stedeljik Museums collection: „Composition No. IV, with Red, Blue and Yellow“ by Piet Mondrian, „As I Opened Fire“ by Roy Lichtenstein, „Vase with Carnations“ by Vincent van Gogh, „Le violoniste“ by Marc Chagall, „Reclining nude“ by Leo Gestel and „An Englishmen in Moscow“ by Kazimir Malevich. These paintings got translated into odors by the renowned scent artist Jorg Hempenius. The exhibition took place from April 24th to May 7th 2017. At first glance, the exhibition showed just white canvases, almost floating, in a big white space. Only by closely approaching to one of the artworks, its unique scent could be revealed. The artworks where displayed using replicas of their original frames. A specifically designed catalog revealed each artwork’s background and interpretation. Social Media and PR activities where used to announce and accompany the exhibition.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The Stedelijk Museum attracts an average of 12,000 visitors per day, many of them also visited the artSmellery exhibition during the two-week exhibition period. Furthermore, the press echo was beyond expectation – resulting in an earned media coverage that reached 6.6 Mio. people. Press coverage in some of Netherlands most important newspapers, such as „Telegraaf“ and „Het Parool“, as well as in national and international blogs and digital media outlets, made the artSmellery to widely discussed topic, even beyond dutch borders. The overall campaign significantly increased the awareness of Siemens sensoFresh by 30% among the target group and achieved an impressive uplift of spontaneous brand awareness by 18%. Overall, the campaign successfully strengthened the relevant premium brand values: Audience surveys on and off location imply, that Siemens is seen as more innovative, progressive and modern.

The challenge was to strengthen the Siemens brand while at the same time to approach a generally low involved audience with the highly complex new product feature of odor removal. To emphasize the Siemens premium positioning, we chose a premium environment: The world renowned Stedeljik Museum in Amsterdam is the perfect venue to not just communicate the Siemens brand values, but to bring them to life. Here, the brand can engage with a sophisticated target group and highlight its strive for innovation by creating an innovative and entertaining art experience. The exhibition revolves around the one major product topic – the power of odors – and therefore serves as a door-opener for the communication of the sensoFresh product feature. A clever, unobtrusive product integration is key to achieve a maximum of earned media coverage.