Category C01. Digital Design
Idea Creation WEBER Palatine Illinois, USA
Idea Creation 2 UNCLE GREY Copenhagen, DENMARK
Name Company Position
Lars Samuelson Uncle Grey Chief Strategy Officer
Jimmy Blom Uncle Grey International Creative Director
Simon Naver Uncle Grey Art Director
Karsten Kirkegaard Uncle Grey Creative Technologist
Charlotte Porsager Uncle Grey Client Service Director
Stig Peterson Weber Vice President Gloal Creative
Connor Story Weber Global Digital Marketing Manager
MediaMonks MediaMonks Creative Production Partner

The Campaign

This pioneering digital showroom is designed as an interactive experience, seamlessly combining inspirational video, educational content with a WebGL product demonstrations in an immersive 360 environment. Letting you explore every detail of the state-of the art grill with touch of your fingertips and via the website. Access to the functionality of the grills is experienced through a completely integrated and responsive UI surrounding each BBQ. The design comes to life using cutting-edge WebGL and real-time physically based rendering, reflecting the HDRI photographic 360 surrounding. The custom developed rendering camera reveals beautiful depth of field, presenting The Genesis II in the most stunning light possible. The site brims with video tutorials, grill recipes, tips & tricks, and everything else grillers could wish for.

Creative Execution

Scale The project was briefed in August 2016 and reached completion in November 2016. The experience was deployed on the 8th of December after a period of UX and performance optimization, and rolled out globally during December 2016/January 2017. The experience was supported by a massive above the line campaign and social media campaign for four weeks all driving towards the digital experience and The design of the microsite was driven by the idea of creating a grilling experience and product demonstration that felt and looked as lifelike as possible in a digital environment. The first person view was essential to seamlessly transition from filmic narrative to interactive product exploration. The Aesthetics were created to be as lifelike and cinematic as possible, making use of cutting edge real time rendering in WebGL as well as fully integrating the UI into the digital experience.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Since the site has been launched, there have been a total number of 845,799 sessions, of which 85.5% is unpaid. The total number of pageviews is 2,822,001with an average 3.34 pages per session. “The initial engagement on the Genesis II site shattered our expectations and the metrics that we had put forth as this initial phase of the project.” Stig Pedersen,VP Global Creative, Weber-Stephen

With the Genesis II, Weber introduced two new models, each with a range of 4 grills. Every grill addresses it’s own target group ranging from young couples to empty nesters, newly started families to large families, the grill models are suited to everywhere from small balconies to backyards, rooftops and large summerhouse lawns. Based on the overall strategy of ‘Igniting Togetherness’ and a target audience with a passion for food and socializing, it was important to showcase the different settings the new Genesis II fits into. Furthermore, this luxury item comes at a significantly higher price than its competitors and had to deliver an online experience to match. The experience had to capture not only the multitude of innovation and features that have gone into the Genesis II range but also create an engaging environment that brought you as close to a real life barbecuing experience as possible.