Category B01. Posters
Entrant THJNK Hamburg, GERMANY
Idea Creation THJNK Hamburg, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Armin Jochum thjnk AG CCO
Gerrit Zinke, Bettina Olf thjnk Hamburg GmbH Managing Director
Michel Foertsch, Andreas Wagner thjnk Hamburg GmbH Creative Director
Alexander Grapp, Michał Misiński, Jakub Rupa thjnk Hamburg GmbH Art Direction
Anke Peters, Verena Diefenbach, Louise Hobe thjnk Hamburg GmbH Account Manager
Michel Foertsch thjnk Hamburg GmbH Copywriter
Hilko Wiegmann, Manuel Caliebe thjnk ag Final Artwork
Tom Sporer 3D-Design

The Campaign

At IKEA, a bed can be a couch. The idea was to show the versatility of IKEA with simple yet visually striking forms that read the name of two different products from two different angles. They are the same – but they are two. One product. Two ways of using it.

Creative Execution

For IKEA products and communication, naturalness is key. Although for the idea "Versatile Words" we pushed the boundaries regarding color. The design of the letters is clean so the viewer can focus on discovering the two different words and forms of use of the product. And in oder to create another dimension and push the limits of perspective, 3D modelling was used.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The "Versatile Words" were received very well. And showed once again that IKEA goes creative ways in promoting their creative products.

The friendly brand from Sweden is known for modern, clever and customer orientated communication. So the three motifs fit perfectly to IKEAs approach. The target audience of IKEA ranges from 1-99 so these motifs were perfectin their playfulness and progressive choice of color.