Category E02. Drinks
Idea Creation CREUNA Oslo, NORWAY
Name Company Position
Marc Ligeti Creuna Norway Lead Designer
Kristina Nyjordet Creuna Norway Designer
Thor-Erik Ramleth Creuna Norway Senior Designer
Sindre Dahl Creuna Norway Designer

The Campaign

The idea behind Krone, was to create a bold and urban beer brand that reflects that quality can be simplicity. The beer is made with four natural ingredients and this simplicity is reflected in the design. We stripped away all that wasn’t essential giving a sense of purity and putting the simple frosted glass in focus. Krone is an organic product, but we did not want Krone to look like other stereotypical organic products, as is often recognized by eco-paper, organic decor elements and ornaments. The name we chose for the beer series was Krone (Crown). A balance between modern simplicity and some beer tradition through the name and colours were carefully considered. The logo incorporates a subtle crown - visualized by the horizontal E. This is also reinforced by the gold tops on the cans and bottle caps.

Creative Execution

We developed a frosted glass bottle that stands out and gives a tempting cold look on the store shelf. The frosted glass makes the bottles look good even when they are empty and the tactile surface of the bottles feels good in the hand. There are no frosted glass beer bottles in Norway and we believe this is also unique among beer worldwide. Achieving this required a great deal of research and close cooperation with the selected manufacturer. We avoided a transparent label by silk-screening all the graphics directly onto the bottles with real gold being used. The cans are in an unusual 0.4 liter format – perfect for those in the target group who find 0.5 liters a little too much, or 0.33 liters a bit too little. They have a matt finish which harmonize the bottles. A beer glass and coasters have been produced for bars and restaurants.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

For a newcomer that is not part of a big established brewery, it is very difficult to get shelf space in a major grocery store chain or buy in at restaurants and bars against the big brands. The design has helped this new beer brand come into one of the biggest supermarket chains in Norway. Many bars and restaurants have taken it in already based on price, taste and design. Interest and awareness have exceeded expectations. Sales results have been excellent so far and the bottles have been sold out occasionally. The beers are selling at good margins, confirming that people are willing to pay extra for good beer and good design.

Krone caters to a younger more urban crowd with an extra focus on the female beer drinker. The strategy for Krone was to stand out on the shelf and be bold, yet with elegant simplicity. The design had to find the balance between daring to challenge the commercial market with an unconventional design while still having just enough beer tradition to compete against the established brands. The design is simple and modern while the name and choice of colour are more traditional. Gold is associated with quality and tradition and is linked to the name Krone - which is screen printed with real gold right onto the bottle.