Category G05. Motion Graphics Design & Animation
Product/ServiceMIXX AWARDS
Name Company Position
Peter Ampe DDB Brussels Creative Director
Odin Saille DDB Brussels Creative Director
Francis Lippens DDB Brussels Business Director
Sara West DDB Brussels Concept provider
Silke Beurms DDB Brussels Copywriter
Stefanie Warreyn DDB Brussels Head of digital production
Maria-Laura Laubenthal DDB Brussels Producer
Kenn Van Lijsebeth DDB Brussels Copywriter
Jorian Vanvossel DDB Brussels Strategic Planner
Sven Verfaille DDB Brussels Designer
Jos Polfliet Faction XYZ Head of Machine Learning
Joeri Van Steen Faction XYZ Chief Technology Officer
Milan Gada Microsoft Program Manager Cognitive Services
Maarten Baert Dividebyfour 3D director
Rik De Lausnay Dividebyfour Lead 3D artist
Gabriel Hennessy Dividebyfour Houdini artist
Peter Baert Raygun Managing Partner - Composer
Lucy Akhurst Raygun Actress

The Campaign

Could artificial intelligence make awards judging fairer in the future? Introducing Pearl, the first AI jury experiment. This first AI experiment on judging will investigate if creativity is measurable and how AI might be able to help the judging system. Named after Radia Perlman, one of the prominent female internet pioneers, the result is Pearl. Pearl was fed with all international MIXX case studies from the last decade and given 3 months to analyse the texts, videos, results and even music, making her surely the most experienced advertising jury on the planet. Pearl uses state-of-the-art technology to learn from all of those cases and make her own prediction as jury member of the award show.

Creative Execution

Two key elements define Pearl in terms of design: 1) She got her name from Radia Perlman, one of the internet pioneers. This means her design requires a human element as well. To achieve this, we created a visual system which responds to her voice: when Pearl talks, it’s reflected in the movement of our design 2) Pearl doesn’t exist physically, she’s an artificial intelligence which exists in the cloud. To make her a bit more tangible she needed a visual presence, but one which referenced to her true nature. This resulted in a design which holds the middle between an abstract visualization of a brain (to reference intelligence) and that of a cloud (to reference her habitat). Anything digital is often coloured using very dark tones and black backgrounds, or bright/neon-like colours. We wanted to give Pearl a more approachable touch, that’s why we chose a lighter, purple-like color.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

There still is room for improvement as she needs to be able to better recognize humour for example. But Pearl has already proven helpful in for example detecting original combinations to look for creativity within an idea. Pearl is 76% accurate: Out of 150 MIXX Award entries, Pearl picked the same winner as the human jury did. Proving that AI can be helpful as an additional tool for award show judges: she never grows tired, never loses attention and doesn’t have friends to defend or a country or network to promote. Reaching over 14 million advertising professionals, Pearl raised a debate about the future of creative judging: For example, in larger competitions she can be helpful in pre-judging to avoid that good campaigns get overlooked when judging in smaller groups. She isn’t there to replace human judgement, but she can keep an extra eye out for them.

As an AI experiment created to raise a debate about the future of advertising award shows, Pearl strikes a chord with our core audience: professionals within the advertising world. We made sure to spread the word about Pearl to both local and international peers focusing mainly on owned and earned media known by the advertising world such as MediaMarketing, Pub (both of them Belgian magazines) and the likes of AdWeek (who hoped Pearl would get it really, really wrong).