Category B02. Promotional Item Design
Name Company Position
Kim Gothard Taanevig Hyper Art Director
Frank Nystuen Hyper Copywriter
Dennis Tönnkvist Hyper Art Director
Ola Nielsen Hyper Copywriter
Kristian Haukland Hyper Art Director
Marte Listhaug Hyper Project Manager
Hanne Kopstad Hyper Project Manager
Fred Hauge Hyper Account Director
Trine Weidal Hyper Account Director
Annelin Fagernes Hyper SoMe Advisor
Knut Ole Mathisen Hyper Designer
Mads Frantzen Hyper Designer
Markus Tallaksen Hyper Designer
Marcus Kjeldsen Hyper Motion Designer
Aslag Guttormsgaard Dupelx Records Music Artist
Egil Hegerberg Dupelx Records Music Artist
Lars Lønning Dupelx Records Music Artist
Remi Juliebø Deformat Graphic Designer
Fredrik Pryser Pryser film Producer
Patrik Syversen Pryser film Director

The Campaign

"Music is life", says young Norwegians. So we to take them on their word and created what's probably the only album in the world that turn people into better drivers. And hopefully, we will save some lives. Through 12 catchy tracks, the target group can learn everything from how to deal with roundabouts and pass other cars on the road, to the joys and risks of driving after dark in Night Driving, and a whole lot more. To promote the album we created the worlds safest CD-cover. The CD itself was designed as a prohibition sign (white plate with red ring), while the CD cover got the shape and use of a reflector.

Creative Execution

The Theory Songbook was a 12-track playlist on Spotify and Tidal, the target groups favorite music source. Each of the songs covered a theme in the Theory Book, and performed in all kinds of music genres from synth-pop, grunge and metal, to reggae, poems, and folk songs. To promote the album we created the worlds safest CD-cover. The CD itself was designed as a prohibition sign (white plate with a red ring), while the CD cover got the shape of an old fashion reflex. So you also could be safe outside of your car. Throughout the campaign period, each of the 12 songs was released in social media with their own custom artwork and promotional video. To get hold of this limited edition CD, the target group had to follow the campaign in social media and respond to driver theory questions posted by the various bands in the project.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

For Gjensidige this was an important element in their on-going strategy to be the preferred choice of first time car owners. Although Norway is a small country with only 5 million inhabitants the various videos have had an organic reach of over 200,000 views. The Theory Songbook is Duplex most followed list on Spotify. 1001, 1002, 1003 by Black Debbath went to top 10 on Tidal. The Theory Songbook was featured on Norway’s largest TV channel NRK and in dozens of offline and online newspapers and magazines across Norway.

Young people are strongly overrepresented in the accident statistics, and just four out of ten passed the theory test you need to get a driver license in 2015. The numbers show that many young people do not have a good understanding of how to behave in traffic. Norway’s largest insurance company wanted to help those soon to be drivers with a more inspiring approach. Our strategy was to create a fun and inspiring alternative to the theory book. Since rhymes and rhythm are like glue for the memory, we teamed up with Duplex Records – Norway's most famous musical collective.