Category B01. Posters
Idea Creation 2 HASBRO FRANCE Le Bourget-du-Lac, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Alexander Kalchev DDB Paris Executive Creative Director
Emmanuel Courteau DDB Paris Art Director
Jean-François Bouchet DDB Paris Copywriter
Natacha Olive de Cherisey DDB Paris Art Director
Rémi Picard DDB Paris Art Director
Marion Dervaux DDB Paris Clay Modeler
Marie-Laure Dangeon DDB Paris Deputy Managing Director
Camille Passot DDB Paris Account Supervisor
Hélène Kurz Hasbro France Lead of Marketing Department
Karine Martinez Hasbro France Brand Manager Play Doh
Sylvaine Gomez Hasbro France Sr Digital retail Marketing manager

The Campaign

We all had the opportunity to play with modeling clay one day, when we were a kid and it felt marvelous at the time. It felt like anything is possible with this simple fantastic material that knows no limits, just like a child’s imagination. We started with a very simple, yet universal idea: when kids play - and especially when they play with something like modeling clay - they build their own stories. Their own world, where anything is possible, even if it totally contradicts the laws of universe. That is how the « World of Playdoh » was born. We then simply had to explore it.

Creative Execution

We wanted every square centimeter of the ads to be 100% Playdoh’s DNA. The image, the typo and even the logo are all hand made. In fact, we wanted that adults feel like kids again in front of the print ads. We wanted the posters to be like a Christmas window. It started with some dozens, then hundreds, then thousands of drawings, to shape every character, every animal, every detail. It followed with a huge work on colors, made on computer this time, to be sure of every piece’s tone. Then came the time to model clay and it changed a few grown-ups into kids. Months of extremely precise, yet joyful work, for each visual, tagline and logo. Finally, every piece was shot in studio.  And one day, we saw that we had brought to life « The World of Playdoh ». Truly. 

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The campaign has just been launched at the time of registration, so it is early to talk about results, but the next planned step of the campaign is to expand all the wonderful characters of the “Play-Doh World” on social media and the web.

Our strategy was to talk to parents as much as their children. Because parents are the ones who can decide what is good and what is not for their own kids. And we wanted to remind parents that sometimes the most low tech toys are the best for their children. Like any long-feature animation film made by Pixar or Dreamworks, our campaign was aimed to the family. We wanted everyone to find something they like. The style was intentionally childish and colorful, as a clear reference to the children’s universe, and we knew that it would be attractive to the young ones. But the tone of voice added something aimed to the adults as well. The headlines were written to have multiple layers of meaning for kids and parents .