Category G01. Logo Design
Entrant W&CIE Paris, FRANCE
Idea Creation W&CIE Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Gilles DELERIS W&Cie Chief Creative Officer
Paul GROVES W&Cie Creative Director
Jean-Jacques CHARRAIS W&Cie Senior Art Director
Albane VAN EECKHOUT W&Cie Junior Art Director
Alexandre CELAIRE W&Cie Junior Art Director
James WATKINS W&Cie Copywriter
Martin PIOT W&Cie Managing Director
Cécilia DESCHAMPS W&Cie Project Manager
Anais GUILLEMANE W&Cie Head of Strategic Planning

The Campaign

We’ve created a hybrid place in between a bar, a restaurant, a hostel, an apartment, a concert hall: meet JO&JOE!

Creative Execution

1. A name: JO&JOE, a schizophrenic personality, a conversation between two friends, two ways of seeing the world, of traveling, of partying... 2. A visual identity, as bright as the sun, versatile, adapting to each city 3. A semantic territory, thought like a punchy and witty conversation, between two friends who just love to contradict each other 4. A graphic territory, creatively refreshing and eclectic, fueled with witty catchphrases and funny pictograms. 5. Spaces, designed as an open house, with different atmospheres and experiences

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

JO&JOE is the first brand to be launched by AccorHotels in the last 10 years > + 400 press clippings and 1300 mentions in 3 days > 50 000 people reached during the online activation launch

To cater to the large and complex population of Millennials and Millennials-minded, JO&JOE is a new hospitality concept, always changing, adapting to its clients and not the other way around ! In few words, JO&JOE has been created by and for its clients.