Product/ServiceTOAST-IT! BBQ STYLE
Category E01. Food
Idea Creation KOLLE REBBE Hamburg, GERMANY
Production KOLLE REBBE Hamburg, GERMANY
Production 2 RTS SCHOLZ Bremen, GERMANY
Production 3 CZAR Berlin, GERMANY
Production 4 HASTINGS MUSIC Hamburg, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Sascha Hanke Kolle Rebbe GmbH Executive Creative Director
Rolf Leger Kolle Rebbe GmbH Executive Creative Director
Alexander Hesslein Kolle Rebbe GmbH Creative Director
Stefanie Heyen Kolle Rebbe GmbH Creative Director
Tim Esser Kolle Rebbe GmbH Creative Director
Sönke Klein Kolle Rebbe GmbH Art Director
Arno Meinen Kolle Rebbe GmbH Copywriter
Christian Frank Kolle Rebbe GmbH Account Supervisor
Jana Quest Kolle Rebbe GmbH Account Manager
Ricarda Brieden Kolle Rebbe GmbH Agency Producer
Lore Glander Kolle Rebbe GmbH Production Manager
Dimitri Ismer Kolle Rebbe GmbH Retoucher
Katja Sluyter Kolle Rebbe GmbH Art Buyer
Alice Feja Kolle Rebbe GmbH Art Buyer
Alexander Hildenberg Kolle Rebbe GmbH Cinematographer
Falco Tilgner Kolle Rebbe GmbH Editor
Jan Burwick - Photographer

The Campaign

For this reason we created, designed and engineered The Jumping Sandwich; a packaging that replicates a traditional toaster – from both the outside and the inside.

Creative Execution

To highlight the benefits of the Hochland TOAST IT sandwiches, we deliberately designed the packaging to look like a toaster. But it’s not just visually that the packing hast a toaster like feel. When the consumer opens the package, the sandwiches pop up and out just like toast. The technology is simple – a spring mechanism was constructed by folding heavy-duty paper into a stage and connecting it with two rubber bands. That transforms conventional packaging into a playful, new sandwich experience.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The packaging was a simple idea that turned out to be a massive hit. The Jumping Sandwich enjoyed a remarkable double-digit sales increase in a matter of weeks, and became the most successful and innovative sales promotion in recent years. Demonstrating once again that Hochland knows how to think outside the box.

Our objective was to produce an attention-grabbing promotional item. One that would help Hochland significantly differentiate themselves, and instantly stand out from the competition, by impressing not just sandwich lovers, but new consumers as well.