Category G04. Sound Design
Idea Creation KOLLE REBBE Hamburg, GERMANY
Production RTS SCHOLZ Bremen, GERMANY
Production 2 MARKENFILM Wedel, GERMANY
Production 3 HASTINGS MUSIC Hamburg, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Sascha Hanke Kolle Rebbe GmbH Executive Creative Director
Christian Meyer Kolle Rebbe GmbH Creative Director
Steffen König Kolle Rebbe GmbH Creative Director
Ebru Karabulut Kolle Rebbe GmbH Art Director
Moritz Hake Kolle Rebbe GmbH Art Director
Sandra Pirker Kolle Rebbe GmbH Copywriter
Georg Keibel Kolle Rebbe GmbH Copywriter
Lea Johannsen Kolle Rebbe GmbH Graphic Designer
Luyu Zou Kolle Rebbe GmbH Graphic Designer
Isabell Wüst Kolle Rebbe GmbH Account Manager
Christopher Tychsen Kolle Rebbe GmbH Agency Producer
Bey-Bey Chen Kolle Rebbe GmbH Agency Producer
Martin Lühe Kolle Rebbe GmbH Production Manager
Philip Mall n/a Director
Lisa Hadeler Markenfilm GmbH & Co. KG Producer
Oscar Meixner HASTINGS Music GmbH Sound Engineer

The Campaign

We let customers experience an in-store taste of the key benefit of the Raindance shower head – with the first shower head packaging that has the sound of rain inside.

Creative Execution

The Rain Pack was inspired by traditional rain sticks. Spaces inside became a 3-chamber sound system through which specially selected objects bounce: pearl barley for high notes, lentils for low notes, and dry rice for mid-range frequencies. Shaped folds cause these loose elements to gradually pass through the chambers, imitating the sound of tropical rain, without increasing the weight of the standard packaging. The axisymmetric design encourages consumers to turn the pack and trigger the sound.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

The Rain Pack encouraged customers to spend an above-average amount of time with the product, playfully inviting them to buy. Resulting in one of the most successful sales promotions in the Hansgrohe company history.

Our objective was to grab the attention of the target group at the point of sale, and create interest for the unique Hansgrohe Raindance product benefit: a shower that lets you feel tropical rain on your skin.