Category E03. Beauty & Healthcare
Entrant :OTVETDESIGN Saint-Petersburg, RUSSIA
Idea Creation :OTVETDESIGN Saint-Petersburg, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Vladimir Fedoseev :OTVETDESIGN Creative Director
Arina Yushkevich :OTVETDESIGN Art Director
Ksenia Ohotnikova :OTVETDESIGN Designer
Aleksandr Bakin :OTVETDESIGN Account Manager

The Campaign

“Polysan” deals with innovative pharmaceutical products elaboration and implementation into medical practice. The company calls for an intellectual approach to make lives of many people better. For the brand, we developed a new own functional system whereby the full product line could be marked simple and clear.

Creative Execution

The principle and elements of various cryptographic alphabets formed the basis of the system. We encoded pharmacological properties, drug formulation and mode of administration into the symbols, having, thus, created a new medical language – well-structured and user-friendly for medical professionals. The system is easy to remember – it contains just a few elements, the meanings of which are self-intuitive. Minimalistic design focuses on the main thing – the instruction. It is tracked in black and white by using neat symbols that help to identify the medicine. In the end, it came not just as packaging but as a unique alphabet of medicines. Far easier, clearer and more pragmatic than Latin.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market

Increase of market reach; big outreach of new doctor audience and increase in sales volume. Holding the existent market presence both in RF and in CIS countries. Expansion of sales in near and far-abroad countries. Market share increase due to brand awareness and recommendations by professionals.

When choosing a medical product for purchase for hospital needs the presence of the product on the lists and standards is significant. Strong influence in this case comes from the leading professionals. International products are preferable because of the enrooted stereotypes (e.g. absence of international articles and research devoted to domestic products). Therefore, when creating a new brand, demonstration of professional worth, provision of rational arguments and convincing professional to trust the brand, and, what is important, to entrust health of their patients to the product become critical. “Polysan” company is in the top-10 of the largest Russian pharmaceuticals manufactures and in the top-3 of finished pharmaceutical products exporting companies. The company works with its own pharmaceutical factory in Saint-Petersburg. The entire product range meets European GMP requirements.