Category D02. Data-Driven Targeting
Media Placement STARCOM Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
Name Company Position
Gijs Sluijters DDB & Tribal worldwide, Amsterdam Senior Creative / Concept
Joris Tol DDB & Tribal Worldwide, Amsterdam Senior Creative / Concept
Dave Murphy DDB & Tribal Worldwide, Amsterdam Business Director
Alistair Beattie DDB & Tribal Worldwide, Amsterdam Co-CEO
Erik van der Bijl DDB & Tribal Worldwide, Amsterdam Senior Producer
Joris Kang'eri DDB & Tribal Worldwide, Amsterdam Creative Director
Michiel Cox DDB & Tribal Worldwide, Amsterdam Strategy
Keith Kornson DDB & Tribal Worldwide, Amsterdam Design Director
Sophie van Pelt DDB & Tribal Worldwide, Amsterdam Executive Producer
Wendy Losse DDB & Tribal Worldwide, Amsterdam Senior Producer
Rian Verhagen SuperHero Cheesecake Bot - Technical Director
Machiel Molenaar SuperHero Cheesecake Bot - Sr. Programmer
Michelle Joosten SuperHero Cheesecake Bot - Sr. Producer
Sander Hannema Global Ticket Site - Technical Director, owner.
Robin Bleekemolen Global Ticket Site - Technical Director, owner.
Jackie Huynh Global Ticket Site – Sr. Programmer
James Miles Starcom MediaVest Group Media – Strategy Director
Nadira Sultana Starcom MediaVest Group Media – Account manager
SMG UK Starcom MediaVest Group Media production
Evert-Jan van Efferink Attached language Translations manager
Sven Stroomberg Colorbleed Animation
Philippe Avendano Vera New AMS Producer
Annely Valk New AMS Producer
Jelani Isaacs New AMS Executive Producer
Reinder van Zalk Earforce Sound design
Sir OJ New AMS Music
Emiel Nuninga New AMS Offline Editor
Tbd New AMS Online Editor
Kevin Kimman New AMS Grading

The Campaign

We brewed guys visiting Amsterdam a Heineken timed so that it was ready exactly on the day of their arrival. We started by targeting confirmed travellers. After signing up to get ‘A ’Dam Fresh Heineken’, we used Facebook’s 1-on-1 Messenger technique to tell them all about the craft that goes into our 28-day brewing process. But we went even further: we used the chat to get to know individual guys; talking about Amsterdam and what kind of experiences they were looking for. On arrival, their day-fresh Heineken awaited in Heineken’s oldest brewery, wrapped in a tailored city map based on the things they’d liked most in our chat. ‘A ’Dam Fresh Heineken’: - Brewed to be ready on the exact day of your arrival. The freshest beer from Amsterdam in Amsterdam - Wrapped with a personalised map to Amsterdam’s best hidden gems – based on personal preferences in the 1-on-1.

Creative Execution

The campaign ran in 6 markets: United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Germany, USA. We used programmatic banners, customised landing pages, a Facebook Messenger Bot and activation key cords that identified participants in the Heineken Museum. From the moment guys had opted in to get ‘A ’Dam Fresh Heineken’, we started learning about their personal interests which we used to create a personalised product. Through a Facebook Messenger chatbot we spent 28 days learning everything about the guys’ interests. By asking their yay or nay on suggestions and choosing between multiple choices, we learned everything we needed to know to suggest a one-of-kind tour along the best hidden gems in our hometown. This data was used to customise every element of the experience. The bottle was personalised to mark their day of arrival, the wrapper was custom designed and filled with destinations that matched individual character.


In only the first two weeks of the campaign: - We reached every qualified person travelling to Amsterdam with our dynamic campaign - Delivering close to 500 personalised beers and unique city trips - We sold out on the capacity of our campaign production line - We engaged 80% of our 1-on-1 chatbot conversations for the full 28 days. Engaging this mobile-first audience for a long period of time. With a paid media budget of only €4,500, we achieved laser-sharp focus in targeting and impact, delivering close to 0% wastage.

A ’Dam Fresh Heineken is an idea that celebrated the arrival of young men in Amsterdam with a custom brewed and highly personalised Heineken. We were able to strike a 28-day one-on-one conversation in which we not only engaged our audience in Heineken’s history and brewery process, but also gathered invaluable data on our individual core target audience. This direct campaign helped our audience to see Heineken as more than a faceless global beer brand and turned visitors into long-term brand advocates.

Our target audience were young men (18-27) drinking at least 2 premium beers a month and travelling to Amsterdam in at least 28 days before the start of our activation period. Working with programmatic data partners, we were able to select our target audience as they booked trips to Amsterdam. A dynamic digital campaign – with 471 variations of the creative copy based on our target audience’s interests, point of origin and language – reached them when they had their tickets to Amsterdam freshly in mind, offering them the bottle that would unlock Amsterdam’s secrets. From the moment of purchase our guests were invited to connect to Heineken through a Facebook chatbot. It takes 28 days to brew our guest their personal Heineken, so we would spend those 28 days coming to a fuller understanding of their tastes and preferences to generate unique itineraries based on that knowledge.