Category B03. Use of Ambient Media: Small Scale
Entrant ANR BBDO Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation ANR BBDO Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production ANR BBDO Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Urban Wirdheim ANR BBDO Copywriter
Fabian Lakander ANR BBDO Art Director
Nayeli Kremb ANR BBDO Art Director
Jenny Canborn ANR BBDO PR Specialist
Channa Rogsten ANR BBDO PR and Planning Manager
Giustina Guariglia ANR BBDO COO & Account Manager
William Björnstjerna ANR BBDO Graphic Designer
Jacob Nathanson ANR BBDO Graphic Designer
Johan Hedinger Photographer

The Campaign

Recycling isn’t just clothes. It’s also organ donation. In that sense, recycling has the ability to save lives. That’s the true power of recycling. In Sweden, 85% want to donate their organs. However, only 15% are registered donors. Swedes have limited knowledge of how to become donors – and how easy it is. To reach the audience, we used an unused space that Beyond Retro has full control over: Their price tags. We modified them so they would double as Organ Donor Cards, literally putting Organ Donor Cards in people’s hands, making it really easy to become donors while shopping sustainable clothing: Just tear off the donor card, fill it out, keep it in your wallet and you’re a valid donor. To stay true to the idea, we partnered with non-profit “More Organ Donation”, used 100% recycled paper in the price tags and had organ recipients as models in the.

Creative Execution

We printed 40.000 Organ Donor Price Tags, which were put on clothes in all Beyond Retro stores in Sweden. To raise awareness, we launched the initiative with an event at Beyond Retro’s flagship stores in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. Here, people were invited to hear about the situation in Sweden and got the opportunity to shop and fill out their own Organ Donor Cards. We also ran print-ads in two of Sweden’s biggest magazines and made a film that was spread via Beyond Retro’s social platforms. As we partnered with the non-profit organization “More Organ Donation”, they spread and promoted the initiative through their own channels. Beyond Retro will continue printing Organ Donor Price Tags and put them on all of their stock. This is more than a traditional promotional campaign; this is an initiative that Beyond Retro will continue with as a natural extension of their brand promise!


By the first week, we knew that the initiative was a great success! We have seen an enormous interest and engagement from customers walking in to every Beyond Retro store in Sweden. The staff in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö have been love-bombed. We have a potential reach of 20 783 600 earned media impressions. As we launched The Organ Donor Price Tag, mentions of “Organ Donation” increased by a whopping 263% on social media by the second week of the initiative! On Beyond Retro’s social platforms, there’s an increase of 1500% in views. Most importantly, every day 300 pieces of clothing that has the Organ Donor Price Tag attached to it, follow people home from Beyond Retro stores. That is 300 people per day, that can become potential organ donors in Sweden. This proves that Beyond Retro has really shown them the true power of recycling.

Beyond Retro is a vintage clothing company with a strong social purpose. And today, sustainability is more important than ever. Beyond Retro want to prove the true power of recycling, beyond clothes – that it can save lives. According to a recent EU-survey, 85% of all Swedes want to donate organs. However, only 15% are registered donors. By making their price tags double as Organ Donor Cards, Beyond Retro want to engage and encourage more Swedes to actively and directly take a stand for organ donation – as soon as they walked into a Beyond Retro store in Stockholm, Gothenburg.

Beyond Retro is a company with a strong social purpose. Their mission is to reduce the abundant waste of clothes. Our strategy was to show Beyond Retro’s young target-audience the true power of recycling: that it can save lives. A recent EU survey showed that 85% of Swedes want to donate their organs. However, only 15% are donors. Young people especially, have limited knowledge of how easy it is to become donors. As Beyond Retro’s target-audience is young people, we had to make it easier and more available for them to become donors. Literally, by putting Organ Donor Cards in their hands. By using price tags as donor cards, Beyond Retro promoted organ donation in the context of recycling – something their consumers are familiar with and in favour of. This initiative proves the true power of recycling, showing that recycling is more than clothes. It can also save lives.