Category A10. Public Sector
Entrant ANR BBDO Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation ANR BBDO Stockholm, SWEDEN
Media Placement ANR BBDO Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Andreas Lönn ANR BBDO Creative Director
Nayeli Kremb ANR BBDO Art Director
Anna Werkell ANR BBDO Copywriter
Pontus Karlsson ANR BBDO Chief Executive Officer
Maria Fager ANR BBDO Account Director
Jenny Canborn ANR BBDO PR Specialist
Anna Jensen ANR BBDO Planning Director
Johanna Ridemar ANR BBDO Account Manager
Afshin Piran ANR BBDO Graphic Designer
Fabian Lakander ANR BBDO Art Director
Per Karlberg TCO Project Manager
Petra Jankov TCO Head of Digital
Sandra Zetterman TCO Press Secretary
Lisa Wärn TCO Head of Communications

The Campaign

To prove that unions and the SPM will be relevant in the future, we created the union of the future; the world’s first union for artificial intelligence at likeaswede.se. We also built a chairbot to lead the brand new union and work as their spokesperson. We programmed it to be an expert on the SPM, which it gladly talked about with any human who visited the site, as well as reaching out directly to the target group on social media, inviting them to discuss the model in a context relevant to them. To attract members to the union for AI:s, we rebuilt the backend code of likeaswede.se into a so called “Honeypot site”. It contained all the code needed to reach as many AI:s on the Internet as possible. For the first time in history, AI:s got a chance to organize themselves and learn how to live "Like a Swede".

Creative Execution

The heart of the campaign was the website likeaswede.se, where humans could chat with the chairbot, meet some of the members of the Union for AI:s and learn about the SPM. The backend of the site worked as a so called Honeypot to attract AI:s and invite them to join the new union and start “Living like a Swede”. Social media was key when spreading the word about the union, and in educating the audience on the topic. The chairbot interacted directly with the audience on LinkedIn, Twitter and other relevant platforms to invite them to a session with it. The most important young leaders even got a personalized video message from the chairbot, where it addressed them by name and talked about the SPM in relation to their specific political interest. This way TCO proved to the audience that the SPM and unions will be relevant in the future.


– 85% of the audience now have a good or very good knowledge about SPM and the importance of unions. – 96% of the audience can describe the model correctly after the campaign. – The conviction that the SPM is a great tool for handling changes on the labor market, has increased by 18% in the audience. – 76% of those who’ve seen the campaign are positive about it, 24% are indifferent, 0% negative. – As much as 27% of the target group have actively looked for more information on the topic and have visited likeaswede.se. 10% interacted with the chairbot and got a deeper knowledge of the SPM and the importance of unions. – Thousands of humans have been eager to discuss the SPM with the chairbot. 10354 questions have been asked. – The campaign has been discussed in 48 PR-articles worldwide with a potential reach of 155 million.

Sweden boasts among the world's best working conditions, largely thanks to hard work of unions through the Swedish Part Model. TCO (The Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees) wanted to remind young professionals and decision makers about this – and prove that unions will be relevant in the future as well. TCO also wanted to create a platform where the target group could be educated and get the answers to their questions on the topic. This was done by inviting the target group to talk directly with a professional: The chairbot for the world’s first union for Artificial Intelligence.

Young leaders take unions and SPM for granted, without ever thinking about their importance for working conditions in the past as well as the present. But seeing yourself through the eyes of others, gives you new perspectives, and when Swedes compare with other countries in the world, they are extremely proud of the working conditions in Sweden and are happy to brag about it. We wanted to give them a new reason to keep bragging about Swedish working conditions and to be reminded where they come from. The audience find the topic boring and complicated. Hence it’s important to talk about it with humor, smartness and energy. Since the audience spend a lot of time on social media, our strategy was to mobilize them there. Therefore, we needed to create an innovative and interactive campaign that could generate engagement. Furthermore, we needed to build a direct, inspirational and educational platform.