Category E02. Retention
Product/ServiceYOUSEE MUSIK
Entrant CP+B Copenhagen, DENMARK
Idea Creation CP+B Copenhagen, DENMARK
Production NOBODY Copenhagen, DENMARK
Name Company Position
Kristoffer Gandsager CP+B Copenhagen Creative Director
Sofia Brockenhuus-Schack CP+B Copenhagen Project Manager
Mathias Birkvad CP+B Copenhagen Managing Director
Mark Rif Torbensen CP+B Copenhagen Senior Art Director
Cathrine Understrup CP+B Copenhagen Art Director

The Campaign

With a mission to decrease churn rates, we knew we had to show YouSee’s customers that the telco brand would go the extra mile for them. To do so, we turned to data. First, we found the most listened to artist on YouSee’s music streaming service, Lukas Graham, and got him to play at the yearly customer concert. We then sent direct emails to our customers, enabling them to participate in the competition to win tickets to the concert before everyone else. To promote the concert, we again used streamingdata from YouSee Musik to find the top-Lukas Graham listeners amongst our customers. We then invited them for an interview and surprised them with a visit from Lukas Graham who gave them tickets to the customer concert. We documented the surprise in a short video and spread across both Lukas Graham and YouSee channels.

Creative Execution

To promote the concert and engage our customers we developed a range of content with Lukas Graham, which was spread across YouSee and Lukas Grahams channels during the 7 weeks the campaign lasted. Amongst other, we got Lukas to record a personal message for our customers and uploaded it to his album on YouSee Musik. We also made personalized invitations for some of the top Lukas Graham listeners from Lukas Graham - and posted it on their Facebook page. The surprise film functioned as the hero of the campaign and was spread via YouSee and Lukas Grahams channels as a final burst before the concert. It was immediately picked up by the Danish media and went viral in Denmark. The customer concert was livestreamed via Facebook for those customers who hadn’t won tickets.


In the end we turned big data into big feelings and decreased the customer churn rate by 0,27%. The number of brand critics decreased by 54% amongst those exposed to the campaign and by 71% amongst those who participated in the concert. The number of customers participating in the competition to win tickets to the concert trebled compared to the brand’s previous customer concerts. The surprise film spread across social media and news sites, generating an overwhelming amount of positive customer comments. Within the first 24 hours, the film had been seen by 1.5 million on Facebook alone with an impressive organic reach of 80%. The total campaign performance on Facebook was, with a reach of + 6.3 million and a VTR of 51%, way above average compared to industry benchmark. The film is YouSee’s best performing commercial video to date. 

By developing a campaign rooted in our customers data from our music streaming service, YouSee Musik, we were able to provide them with tailor-made experiences and content. As a result, we managed to connect with them on a more personal level and in turn decrease the churn rates.

The content driven campaign was truly made possible by big data. We used YouSee’s data on three occasions: 1) to find the most streamed artist on YouSee Musik, 2) to find the most valuable customers (those with 3 products or more) so we could sent out invitations to them, and lastly 3) to find the top Lukas Graham listeners amongst the customers. The campaign targeted YouSee’s existing customers, representing the Danish population at large. The CTA of the campaign was to go to the campaign site and participate in the competition to win tickets to YouSee’s yearly customer concert.