BrandEÉN (VRT)
Category C03. Use of Social Platforms
Entrant DE VLOER Antwerp, BELGIUM
Idea Creation DE VLOER Antwerp, BELGIUM
Production DE VLOER Antwerp, BELGIUM
Name Company Position
Matthias De Smet De Vloer Copywriter
Ivo Mertens De Vloer Art Director
Lotte Eeckhout De Vloer Account Manager
Carole Michels De Vloer Account Director
Johan Roelandt De Vloer Founder & Creative Director
Koen Van Deun De Vloer Founder & Creative Director

The Campaign

We decided to do the boldest and worst thing possible. A complete faux pas in television. We gave away the ending of the cliff-hanger. In another, well known tv show called thee Three Wisemen, a game show in which contestants have to figure out which of three stories is true. For one time only, we changed its format and streamed the episode on Facebook Live. Instead of the usual three wise men, we invited three main characters of Home to give their version of what happened in last season’s final episode. Viewers became contestants as they could ask real time questions to the three characters about their stories. To know which of the three story lines was true, viewers had to tune in to the season premiere. Which aired on tv directly after our live stream had ended.

Creative Execution

The Spoiler Show is an idea that skips all the advertising codes. In fact, it doesn't really look like advertising at all. We used the same setup, props and decor of The Three Wise Men gameshow. The same host and the same cameracrew and editing studio. Apart from the actors of Home and the subject of the cliffhanger everything looked exactly the same as any other episode. The idea was executed on Facebook Live, the perfect medium as it's live, reaches a different and much younger audience, has a great reach and enables direct interaction with the viewers.


The live episode took Facebook and other social media by storm and had old and new viewers on the edge of their seats trying to figure out the truth. 150.000 plus viewers entered the Facebook live gameshow just before the new episode of Home. The episode itself ended with more than 1.100.000 million viewers. A massive feat considering Flanders only has 6 million habitants. By giving away the ending online in a popular show for a different audience we intrigued new viewers. Home became the most watched TV show on opening night. Clocking its most successful start in recent memory.

To promote the start of the new season of Home, Belgium's most popular soap opera, we gave away its ending in another tv show online. The subject of the gameshow: guessing the true outcome of the cliffhanger from our soap opera. With The Spoiler Show we opened a direct dialogue with the viewers. During the Facebook live event they could discuss their fan theories directly with the actors of the TV show and with each other. The viewers became contestants in a live gameshow. Generating interest with new viewers at the same time.

Boosting the interest of the fans of the soap is one thing. But gaining a new, younger audience with a cliffhanger they don't know anything about is something else. We did this by reaching them both online and with another popular tv show. A gameshow called The Three Wisemen. We aired a special edition of this show on Facebook Live. The subject: Who kidnapped Mr. Waldek in the soapserie 'Home' Right after the Facebook Live edition of the Three Wise Men ended, the soapserie began on television. Offering the answer to the cliffhanger directly to the audience. And pulling in new viewers straight from Facebook.