Category E02. Retention
Product/ServiceIKEA FAMILY
Idea Creation LIDA London, UNITED KINGDOM
Name Company Position
Sara Pourri LIDA Art Director
Jo Legg LIDA Copywriter
Vaughan Townsend LIDA Creative Lead
Philippa Sidney LIDA Production Director
Eleanor Howle LIDA Account Director
Charlotte Tobias LIDA Senior Account Manager
Dan Wright LIDA Copy Writer
Nyig Tin LIDA Designer
Andy Preston LIDA Art Director
Dan French LIDA 3D Visualiser

The Campaign

Our cross-stitched email blurred the lines between online and offline, showing members what they were missing with a disruptive, engaging idea that would encourage them to opt into emails. The execution was special, reflecting the care and craft that we put into creating all our emails. Visually, the email had to mirror the digital world. From the app-shaped outer, to the email-like design of the fabric inside. This captured members’ hearts and in turn their email addresses. Memorable, unique and ‘handcrafted’, it gave a hands-on demonstration of the lovely stuff they’d get in their inbox, in a very IKEA way. Our postcard DM continued the handcrafted theme in a more cost-effective way. Using the limitations of space on a simple postcard, we demonstrated all the wonderful content by filling the available area with as much inspiring copy as possible. Both executions had standout and sparked curiosity for IKEA FAMILY emails.

Creative Execution

Our idea needed to demonstrate to our members that regular emails from IKEA FAMILY are like no other, and are worth signing up for. Both the cross-stitched DM and personalised postcard showed DM-only members across the UK and Ireland what they were missing out on in a charming creative way, with the added push of a £5 coupon incentive. This reached a total of 290k IKEA FAMILY members, of varying members value with implemented data testing within. Members were directed to a memorable unique URL to simple landing pages, one journey for each creative execution, each continuing the creative theme. These simplistic, direction pages guided members to easily update their opt-in status. All members who opted in would then receive their first IKEA FAMILY email to their inbox, welcoming them to the wonderful inspirational content they will go on to receive. Again, continuing the creative theme.


Cross Stitched rich DM: Tested 4,000 members, of which 13.9% opted in to email, 2.3 times the 6% in the control. Members opted in have each spent £774 & visited 7.9 times since. A £97 uplift and 2 additional visits when compared to those not opted in (£677 spend & 5.8 visits each). Full send: 36,000 members,12.5% opted in to email, a 70% uplift on 7.1% seen in the control. Members opting in have each spent £436 & visited 6.5 times since. A £104 uplift and 1.7 additional visits when compared to those not opted in (£332 spend & 4.8 visits each). Postcard: 250,000 members, of which 11.6% opted in to email, 28% uplift on 9.1% in the control. Members opting in have each spent £556 & visited 7.1 times since. £145 uplift and 2.1 additional visits when compared to those not opted in (£410 spend & 5 visits each).

The IKEA FAMILY has c.5.5 million members. We spotted an opportunity to build a stronger relationship. Our highest spending segments are more valuable by at least £35 a year, if opted into both mail and email. 1.3 million were currently only contactable by post. We demonstrated that regular emails from IKEA FAMILY are like no other, creating the world’s first cross-stitched email, made entirely from fabric to our most valuable segments, followed with a postcard DM to reach 250,000 members. Accessing their inboxes via their post boxes, giving members further incentive to opt-in to emails by offering a £5 coupon.

IKEA has 5.5 million members in its loyalty club. But not all of them were opted in to receive our emails, which meant they were missing out on the majority of our great offers and inspiring content. Our job was to convince them to opt in. Our strategy was to demonstrate, hands-on what IKEA FAMILY members were missing out on, with a compelling reason to sign up. Delivered in a way that would make them feel special, showing off the inspiring digital content they could expect from us. We created two campaigns: A mailing to our higher value segment - featuring the world’s first cross-stitched email, which looked as if it had been carefully crafted by hand. And a lower value ‘Handwritten’ postcard. Both executions carried the theme through in the online registration and welcome process.