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Category A02. Durable Consumer Goods
Additional Company LV PRASAD EYE INSTITUTE Telangana, INDIA
Name Company Position
Alexander Schill SERVICEPLAN GROUP Global Chief Creative Officer
Tanja Jain Tanja Jain Designer
Matthias Harbeck SERVICEPLAN GERMANY Executive Creative Director
Christoph Bohlender SERVICEPLAN HEALTH & LIFE GERMANY Creative Director
Franz Roeppischer SERVICEPLAN GROUP Creative Innovation Director
Lorenz Langgartner SERVICEPLAN GROUP Creative Innovation Director
Sven Hartmann SERVICEPLAN HEALTH & LIFE GERMANY Senior Art Director
Saurabh Kakade SERVICEPLAN GROUP Art Director
Pedro Nogueira Gropo SERVICEPLAN GROUP Junior Art Director
Dennis Fritz SERVICEPLAN GROUP Senior Motion Designer
Dr. Anton Vipin Das LV Prasad Eye Institute Head, Dr PRK Prasad Centre for Rehabilitation of Blind and Visually Impaired & Meera and L B Deshpan
Dr. Beula Christy LV Prasad Eye Institute Head, Dr PRK Prasad Centre for Rehabilitation of Blind and Visually Impaired & Meera and L B Deshpan
Moni Pichlmayer ARRI Media - Creative Solutions Senior Producer
Markus Baburske ARRI Media - Creative Solutions Colorist

The Campaign

Fittle is the first 3D-printed braille puzzle; an innovative toy that helps children to learn braille words and also discover the shapes that the words represent in a playful and rewarding manner. The puzzles, designed by Ravensburger puzzle-experts, are available online for free and can be 3D-printed anywhere at only material costs. With donations sourced from the puzzle-community, Ravensburger provided 3D-printers, to clinics and schools across India, to ensure the puzzles reached the hands that need them the most. An expanding range of puzzles, covering the whole alphabet and designed by experienced Ravensburger puzzle-experts, are available online for free and can be 3D-printed anywhere at only material costs (around $0.5 per model). With donations sourced from the worldwide puzzle-community, Ravensburger is providing 3D-printers to as many of the L.V.P.Eye network’s 176 eye-care centers across India as possible, to ensure the puzzles reached the hands that need them the most.

Creative Execution

The growing collection of Fittle puzzles was made available for free online, so that they could be printed at almost zero cost with 3D-printers provided by Ravensburger, all across India through the LVPEI network. This was to ensure that Fittle puzzles would be directly accessible to the hands that needed them the most. The project was promoted to the puzzle community and worldwide through online content and in-packaging promotion, which would reach millions of consumers. Through these avenues millions of people around the world were made aware of Fittle, with direct appeals to support the project and make donations that would fund further 3D-printers.


Feedback of eye care centers has been outstanding. The concept effectively boosts the child's creativity and motivates them to want to learn more. 3D printers have been provided to the strategically most relevant locations to produce up to 50 models per day, with more donations coming in and 3D printers being delivered continuously. Over 30,000 patients are participating in LVPEI rehabilitation programs where Fittle is primarily being used, reaching potentially 2.5 million people overall. Due to the versatility of 3D-printing, Fittle has endless possibilities. The range of puzzles is constantly updated with new models and upgrades based on studies and user-feedback. Ravensburger, selling millions of toys every year, in-packaging promotion of Fittle is potentially reaching millions of people to raise support for the project. Through this crowd sourcing technique, Ravensburger expects the project to expand into further regions. To date, Fittle has been printed in every continent excluding Antarctica.

Ravensburger appealed to their worldwide puzzle community to donate to the Fittle project, so that 3D-printers can be provided the eye-care clinics schools for the visually impaired across India. Millions of people were motivated to support and donate to the Fittle project through Ravensburger in-packaging promotion Using their strengths as puzzle experts, Ravensburger was able to directly influence much-needed braille literacy in the 3rd world while simultaneously gaining worldwide support and consolidating brand-loyalty from their consumer base.

For Ravensburger, the world’s leading education toy and puzzle company, with the core values of joy, education and togetherness, partnering with LV Prasad Eye Institute to bring Fittle to life was a perfect fit. The project played into their strengths of puzzle development and perfectly aligned with their core values of education and social responsibility. The flexibility of 3D printing allows to continuously adapt and expand the collection of puzzles. Each puzzle was specially designed to provoke the imagination of the child. A lot of care was taken to ensure that it would be impossible to incorrectly combine the puzzle pieces. The puzzles are designed to use as less plastic material as possible, for minimum production cost. To involve the public, Ravensburger raised donations through in-packaging promotion to provide the 3D-printers to eye-care centers across India.

Dreamy and slightly surreal, Ice Skaters for Ikea from CZAR Brussels

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The gin, the city, the song and the search for the special colour of Seville

PS21 Madrid, the creative transformation company set up by founder of creative agency dommo Agustín Vivancos, was in its first year when the team began work on Searching for the Special Colour of Seville. It was a piece of work that would not only go on to win the agency’s first major award, Bronze in Creative Data at Eurobest in 2018, but would also become part of Seville’s cultural heritage. We hear how the idea came to life from Strategy Director, Sergio Garcia and Executive Creative Director, Victor Blanco.

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