Category A08. Corporate Image
Media Placement STARCOM Milan, ITALY
Name Company Position
Bruno Bertelli Publicis Italy Creative Director
Cristiana Boccassini Publicis Italy Creative Director
Luca Cinquepalmi Publicis Italy Creative Director
Marco Venturelli Publicis Italy Creative Director
Martino Lapini Publicis Italy Digital Associate Creative Director
Azeglio Bozzardi Publicis Italy Digital Associate Creative Director
James Moore Publicis Italy Strategic Planner
Lorenza Montorfano Publicis Italy International Account Director
Maria Elena Gaglianese Publicis Italy Account Supervisor
Laura Carrisi Publicis Italy Account Executive
Alice Crovato Publicis Italy Agency Producer
Cristina Gusmini Heineken Group Brand Manager
Sara Galvagni Heineken Senior Brand Manager
Gian Giacomo Costa Heineken Brand Manager
Floris Cobelens Heineken Marketing Director
Federico Salvi Bedeschi Film Executive Producer
Giulia Vercelli Bedeschi Film Producer
Giovanni Fantoni Modena Bedeschi Film Director
Francesca Catalisano Bedeschi Film Editor
Andrea Rainoldi, Amilcare Canali Bedeschi Film DOP
Fabio Tattilo Mediavest Client Service Director
Rossella Cirrito Mediavest Digital Media Manager
Fabio Calamosca Mediavest Strategy Manager
Giorgia Prestigiacomo Mediavest Media Supervisor
Rossana Schiavello Cohn&Wolfe Group Manager
Nicoletta Reina HART Client Service Director

The Campaign

Footballers suffer a problem every time they play – since everyone knows they’ll be away from home, burglars are free to try and break in, safe in the knowledge that they’ll operate undisturbed. And the problem is more common than people think. We decided to kill two birds with one stone: offer fans the chance to view the match in the best place possible whilst giving footballers peace of mind so they could focus on the big game. Heineken created a home security service for football players, by football fans.

Creative Execution

The target of our ad wasn’t just fans – it was Champion’s League footballers. That’s why we kicked off our service during the Napoli-Real Madrid game. As the players were warming up, in front of a brimming stadium, we aired an during the Napoli-Real Madrid game. As the players were warming up, in front of a brimming stadium, we aired an infomercial with footballer Marek Hamsik as our spokesperson, inviting them to try the Guardian Fans service. A phone line was set up, ready to take interested players’ and fans’ requests.


More than 4.900.000 views 23mio fans reached over 13.000 interactions over 2.000 applications from fans Impressions more than 30.800.000

Heineken created Guardian Fans, a home security service that let football fans watch the game in players’ homes. We then launched an infomercial aimed at the footballers themselves before the start of Napoli-Real Madrid, using Marek Hamsik to give us credibility in front of these stars. We had hijacked a highly visible media space during one of the biggest entertainment events in football to deliver the message to those who needed to hear it whilst generating huge word of mouth and PR from the fans and journalists in attendance

Heineken, sponsor of the Champion’s League, faced two business problems • Fans stock up on beer when they’re going to watch the match with their friends. If they know they’ll watch alone, they don’t. Since only 2 Italian teams had qualified for the UCL knockout stages (the most watched stages), we knew many fans weren’t incentivized to watch together. • Heineken has high brand preference but low brand purchase. In other words, fans that bought beer for the match had no reason to prefer Heineken over another beer brand. How could we reward fans who got together to watch together with Heineken? Our strategy hinged on one discovery: every time footballers play, their homes are free pickings for burglars, who can operate safe in the knowledge that their owners won’t be home. Heineken would offer fans the chance to watch the match in footballer’s homes, protecting them.