Category G01. Integrated Campaign led by Direct
Entrant MECKA Boras, SWEDEN
Idea Creation MECKA Boras, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Lasse Kampe Mecka Creative Director
Neale Payling Mecka Art Director
Andreas Norén Mecka Post Production
Lena Sköld Mecka Production Manager
Lotta Cabrera Persson Mecka reklam Agency Producer
Anders Kåpe Mecka reklam Account Manager
Tobias Davidov Mecka reklam Director Of Photography
Emil Dorbell Mecka reklam Director Of Photography
Magnus Tapper Mecka reklam Programmer

The Campaign

We decided to make the micro cable the hero and do something no one had ever done before. We based our creative solution on the cable’s flexibility, how it could be bent without breaking. And knitted the world’s first real cable sweater. A perfect symbol and strong evidence for the cable’s flexibility. (NOTE: A ”cable pattern” is a very (!) well-known and classic knitting pattern in Sweden).

Creative Execution

The success of the campaign was based on how we distinguished Nexans cables from the competitors in an entertaining and creative way, doing something that no one had done before. We also had a creative focus on one important feature. Thanks to this, we could change the minds of a tired audience, who didn’t think there was such a big difference between different cables. The campaign made them interested in the facts and features, convincing them about the difference. And made them buy Nexans cables.


Nexans’ initial (short term) goal was to increase sales in Q4 2016 compared to 2015. Results are for the jurys’ eyes only, but sales vastly exceeded set goals. And an impressive ROI was achieved in only three months.

The campaign's DM consisted of something that our (mostly) male target group usually don’t receive in the mail. Two wooden knitting sticks and a reference to our campaign website. We chose to formulate this as a teaser to create interest. For the first two weeks, the website was locked. Only the recipients of our DM could see it thanks to a password in the DM. That created a VIP feeling for the recipient and valuable data for Nexans. Since addresses were known, we used a DM as creative trigger, with the purpose to bring them to a website.

Our strategy was based on three insights: 1) We couldn’t exclude any part of the target group. They were all equally important in different ways. 2) Hard facts about the cables were necessary to get them to realize how good Nexans’ cables are. A problem, since many don’t find cables exciting and think that all cables are almost the same. 3) We couldn’t say everything at once, but needed to focus on one key factor. We chose the most important one; the flexibility and the cable’s ability to bend without breaking. What nobody wants, is a broken micro cable. By creating interest, we could convince with facts later on. The challenge was to catch the interest of a tired target group. Since addresses were known, we chose DM as a creative trigger to take them to a website, where we could explain how unique Nexans' cables are.