Product/ServicePAX WARDROBE
Category C01. Use of Digital Platforms
Idea Creation GRABARZ & PARTNER Hamburg, GERMANY
Additional Company IKEA GERMANY Hofheim-Wallau, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Ralf Heuel Grabarz & Partner Chief Creative Officer
Diana Sukopp Grabarz & Partner Creative Group Head
Thomas Fritze Grabarz & Partner Creative Director
Stefan Geschke Grabarz & Partner Creative Director
Thomas Fritze Grabarz & Partner Creative Director
Christian El Asmar Grabarz & Partner Art Director
Annette Witzig Grabarz & Partner Art Director
Stefan Geschke Grabarz & Partner Creative Director
Sonja Sonner Grabarz & Partner Copywriter
Dominique Bremer Grabarz & Partner Account Manager
Anna Bollien Grabarz & Partner Account Manager
Heiko Klauer IKEA Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG Marketing Manager
Tobias Vogler IKEA Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG External Communication Manager
Eva Katharina Rücker IKEA Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG Marketing Co-ordinator

The Campaign

We chose, one of Germany’s biggest online streetwear shops, to turn a tiny, purely functional space, which is clicked a million times per hour by our target customers, into a powerful ad: we simply replaced the shopping cart icon with a PAX wardrobe. We thus created a completely new, innovative ad space that integrates seamlessly into the ecosystem of the host site.

Creative Execution

We designed our ad so that with each item placed in the wardrobe, the wardrobe icon grew automatically, demonstrating that PAX can accommodate to any style. And any amount of it. At checkout a personalized banner immediately commented on the individual number of shopped items and linked directly to IKEA’s website with an online PAX planner.


Without any media budget at all, our small, clever idea generated a big response and had wide-ranging effects: 100% of the online shoppers clicked on the “PAX it!” wardrobe. And 0% stopped the process from there. Thus we proved that the shopping cart doesn’t have to look like one – a great success that forwarded the “PAX it!” symbol from the German to the international shop site It also made other online stores get in touch with us in order to participate in our newfound way of connecting to target audiences.

As advertisers we are constantly searching for new ways to engage the consumer without unnecessarily spoiling their media consumption. With “PAX it!” we have created a never before seen way of engaging online users right at the digital point of sale, without sacrificing usability or convenience and have cultivated an ad space which was largely ignored by the ad industry until now. “PAX it!” was seamlessly integrated into the host site and turned a purely functional space into an innovative product demonstration. It activated our target group – already in the mood for shopping – to consider PAX as a

We targeted a fashion-centric group. They naturally buy more clothes than the average consumer but don’t much enjoy parting with their favourite pieces. The predictable result is a lack of storage space in their wardrobe. This problem is worsened by their love of online shopping. Both of these facts make them the perfect target demographic for a digital idea, surprising them during their online shopping routine with a wardrobe that can be modularly expanded.