Category B05. Use of Broadcast
Idea Creation ROSAPARK Paris, FRANCE
Production 2 MATHEMATIC Paris, FRANCE
Production 3 SCHMOOZE Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Gilles Fichteberg ROSAPARK Co-founder Chief Creative Officer
Jean-Francois Sacco ROSAPARK Co-founder Chief Creative Officer
Jean-Patrick Chiquiar ROSAPARK Co-founder
Cerise Leclerc ROSAPARK Art Director
Louise Mussot ROSAPARK Copywriter
Thirty Two Insurrection Director
Sacha Lacroix ROSAPARK Managing Director/Head of Planning
Quentin Labat ROSAPARK Associate Director
Alexandre Ribichesu ROSAPARK Strategic Planner
Bérangère Puch ROSAPARK Account Manager
Marine Dachary ROSAPARK Project Manager
Adelaide Samani ROSAPARK Agency TV Producer
Jeanne Neuschwander ROSAPARK Account Director in charge of social media
Clémentine Roux ROSAPARK Social Media Manager
Marie Abadie ROSAPARK CRM Manager
Helene Daubert Insurrection Producer
Xavier Doncel Garage Films Executive Producer
Guillaume Audibet Mathematic Post-producer
Matthieu Sibony Schmooze Sound Design Producer
Sylvain Rety Schmooze Sound Design Producer
Florence Chaffiotte Monoprix Head of Marketing
Nicolas Gobert Monoprix Brand Director
Stéphanie Jallet Monoprix Head of media, social media and brand content
Marion Denonfoux Monoprix Head of PR and Communications

The Campaign

Our campaign launched with 4 minute film on TV and online. The film was about a boy who uses the Monoprix packaging to charm his sweetheart at school. He cuts out the puns from the packs and slips them into her locker. The official version of the film had a happy ending. Our idea was to allow lovers of the brand to use an online interface to change the ending.

Creative Execution

People could choose from 13 different products, each leading to a different alternative ending. For example, if you choose a bag of roquette salad, a pun integrated into the packaging says: If you have a roquette, let’s play. The two stars of the ad then appear with table tennis rackets, and the ending becomes a table tennis duel. Or, on a bag of hamburger buns, the pun integrated into the packaging says nice buns. The girl takes offense and knocks the guy out.


THE FILM Total : 26.5 million views Breakdown : TV : 14 million Cinema : 350 000 Display : 750 000 Social : 11.4 million views THE DIGITAL EXPERIENCE 1.2 million views on social media

We invited fans of the Monoprix supermarket brand to interact with our 85th birthday film, and change the ending

To prolong engagement during the period of the Monoprix 85th birthday celebrations – ultimately driving customers instore to make the most of heavy discounts and limited offers. The Monoprix film is all about surprises. While it was appropriate to have a classic, romantic ending to the official version of the film, we wanted to reflect the essence of the brand by adding alternative endings that were a bit more unusual and surprising.